Match Results

Sun, September 5, 2004

North American Division
Title Match:
dv8^ vs [13th]
[13th] over dv8^ (2230 - 1680)
Title Shot:
~)DiGA(~ vs [1-IR]
~)DiGA(~ over [1-IR] (3940 - 1900)
+]3D[+ OMG vs ]:RR:[-SoL
]:RR:[-SoL over +]3D[+ OMG (4440 - 1570)
//GaR// vs redcoats
//GaR// over redcoats (FORFEIT)
+]3D[+DT vs Infiltrate.
+]3D[+DT over Infiltrate. (4130 - 1240)

[13th] over dv8^
Well despite losing three solid members to the Hurricane, we still managed to come through and beat Deviate by a considerable amount.

There's not too much to say, we pretty much had absolute command of this match-- I think they seriously attacked on our half of the map maybe three times total. It was a nice effort I guess.

We at [13th] would like to dedicate this win to our members; Fangster, JoeJoeMCO, and WarHer0, who are currently being pwned by Hurricane Frances. Good luck guys.

-- TIE and Rev

~)DiGA(~ over [1-IR]
The first round went smoothly for us, we capped about 3 times without them getting a cap once. We were up by about 1000 points or in the first round.

Second round we did basically the same way. We won the game with about six caps and they couldnt manage to get a full cap on us.

Good game [1-IR].

Now we go on for the title.


]:RR:[-SoL over +]3D[+ OMG
gg to 3d, we capped 6 times they didn't cap once. davy, i challenge you to a rematch, hehe

gg 3d

//GaR// over redcoats
redcoats did not have enough members available for the match. They forfeit the match and recieve a strike in accordance with the Rules.

-BGL Admins

+]3D[+DT over Infiltrate.
I don't actually know how the match went since i was lagged out half the time. From what i heard though it was a well played match. GG infiltrate, we will cya on the battlefield.


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