Match Results

Sun, September 12, 2004

North American Division
Title Match:
[13th] vs ~)DiGA(~
[13th] over ~)DiGA(~ (2390 - 2050)
Title Shot:
]:RR:[-SoL vs dv8^ :)
dv8^ :) over ]:RR:[-SoL (2670 - 1860)
dv8^ vs [1-IR]
dv8^ over [1-IR] (5360 - 2150)
redcoats vs +]3D[+DT
+]3D[+DT over redcoats (6920 - 1620)
`a1{H} vs +]3D[+ OMG
+]3D[+ OMG over `a1{H} (FORFEIT)
{DEAD} vs Infiltrate.
{DEAD} over Infiltrate. (4740 - 3690)

[13th] over ~)DiGA(~
This was an extremely good match. Both teams were pretty even, and I'm glad to say that ~)DiGA(~ has given us the best competition we've had on Ticonderoga. It was a nice change of pace to have a challenging match here in BGL.

Anyhow, we attained the only full cap in the match, so that helped us power through and win.

We at [13th] dedicate this win to Timberwolf-- he will be leaving us for a while due to circumstances out of his control. We'll be here at the top when you get back.

GG DiGA, we <3 you guys

dv8^ :) over ]:RR:[-SoL
Almost a good game te]:RR:[ible. I would like to start this off by quoting my favorite lover. "I know for a fact that I'm better then alot of Gar, yet but they still seem to think I suck, I think We'll see what's what after sunday, wont we." All I have to say is they didn't cap once, think we had two caps. I would like to dedicate this to That inspired us all to go pwn some noobs. Fiya

dv8^ over [1-IR]
Well the first round started out fine as we capped multiple times. Ashes was owning the whole first round. KingTurd did give us a little trouble but then we started pbing him so it was all good. Second round was very slow. Randomly 1IR got a full cap. Then we came back and capped 2 times. GG 1IR

+]3D[+DT over redcoats
Just the usual match with some trash talking but its over
gg play you again sometime soon redcoats

+]3D[+ OMG over `a1{H}
`a1{H} didn't have enough players for the match. `a1{H} forfeit the match and are removed from the league in accordance with the Rules.

-BGL Admins

{DEAD} over Infiltrate.
Good match. A bit bumpy start with rule confusion. But overall a good match. DEADCLAN won the first round, Infiltrate the second. It all came down to points. GG!

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