Match Results

Sun, September 26, 2004

North American Division
Title Match:
[13th] vs dv8^
[13th] over dv8^ (1870 - 1700)
Title Shot:
~)DiGA(~ vs ]:RR:[-SoL
~)DiGA(~ over ]:RR:[-SoL (2270 - 2020)
m-m-m | vs {DEAD}
m-m-m | over {DEAD} (2330 - 1590)
#OC vs +]3D[+ OMG
+]3D[+ OMG over #OC (3790 - 2240)
[1-IR] vs dv8^ :)
dv8^ :) over [1-IR] (2540 - 1560)

[13th] over dv8^
Twas a really good game in which both clans had their starting lineups, although i sucked shit because my computer is in the shop and this p.o.s. i was on barely broke 20 fps, it was back and forth alot, glad we finally got to play our best lineups and prove that we are really better. See you guys in 3 weeks.

~)DiGA(~ over ]:RR:[-SoL
GG, ]:RR:[.

First round was scarey as hell. They got us good and had a fairly comfortable lead.

Second round we knew we had to get our shit together or we were done for. We threw in the mean players and we fought back with blazing vengeance.

Then Buschwacker accidentally pushed restart in the last minutes of the game....

]:RR:[ GRACIOUSLY let us play and additional ten minute round to settle the score and we came out on top.

Thanks for puttin up with the technical difficulties, guys. GG.


m-m-m | over {DEAD}
we won our first match yay!!

+]3D[+ OMG over #OC
Very good game. Took a bit to get it off to start but when we did both teams fought to the finish. Hope to play agains soon.

dv8^ :) over [1-IR]
Good game 1-IR. It was the funnest match ive played in a long time. spec ops played great (thanks 3D for letting spec ops go) we appreciate it. i think we capped once on both sides,

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