Match Results

Sun, October 3, 2004

North American Division
Title Match:
[13th] vs ~)DiGA(~
~)DiGA(~ over [13th] (4340 - 3780)
Title Shot:
dv8^ :) vs m-m-m |
dv8^ :) over m-m-m | (7570 - 3190)
dv8^ vs ]:RR:[-SoL
dv8^ over ]:RR:[-SoL (5370 - 3090)
+]3D[+ OMG vs [1-IR]
+]3D[+ OMG over [1-IR] (4710 - 4320)
{DEAD} vs #OC
#OC over {DEAD} (3030 - 1300)

~)DiGA(~ over [13th]
First round we mainly had control of the map as british, giving us quite an lead over them. However, they managed to cap on us at the end. It was not however enough to win that round, we were still ahead by 60 points or so.

Second round we capped twice, giving us a 100 point lead or so. They nearly capped on us a few times but we managed to put down their resistance.

Awesome game played by both teams, always a pleasure to bleed a Hussar.

GG 13th and DiGA.


dv8^ :) over m-m-m |
Good game MMM.

dv8^ over ]:RR:[-SoL
Well we won but that dosent matter.

What matters is what occured during the match. The most beautiful thing occured. Deviate and RR made up in a great flury of roses and puppy dogs. We are now on friendly terms. Both rockman and Invisio (who left during the middle of the match) were ejected.

So now, we are in a loving relationship with RR.

I can finally sleep at night


+]3D[+ OMG over [1-IR]
Well it started out with 1-IR winning the first round and then we pulled together and won the second round to win the match. It was a great match and alot of fun. Thanx 1-IR and Im sure we will meet again. gg


#OC over {DEAD}
At matchtime neither OC or {DEAD} had their members so we did a 1vs1 against {DEAD}Flatline, good match hope to see you get better and we'll hopefully have some teams next time :) - Emo

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