Match Results

Sun, October 10, 2004

North American Division
Title Match:
~)DiGA(~ vs //GaR//
~)DiGA(~ over //GaR// (4130 - 4010)
Title Shot:
dv8^ vs +]3D[+ OMG
dv8^ over +]3D[+ OMG (5370 - 3780)
]:RR:[-SoL vs {DEAD}
]:RR:[-SoL over {DEAD} (FORFEIT)
m-m-m | vs tC ::
tC :: over m-m-m | (FORFEIT)
[13th] vs #OC
[13th] over #OC (5610 - 3050)

~)DiGA(~ over //GaR//
Great Match, GaR.

First round they capped once and we capped once, but we came up on top with 10 points.

Second round we pulled one cap and took the win. Not an easy victory, of course. But a win nevertheless.

So now we are 6 time Champs, 3 time flukers, and 1 time "supposed wall-climbers".

GG, we win....legitimatly.

On to next week where we fight another harsh foe with even harsher excuses. Keepem comin..we love it.


dv8^ over +]3D[+ OMG
So then we ran in, got the catacomb, and we capped. Player3 was all WOOO WOOOOOO

Then they ran in and capped our MP and it turned out player3 was all WTF was that?

So we turned on the pwn juice and managed to cap about 3 times in 5 minutes.

Then in a ditch effort death came in!!!!! but wait, he came in to replace orangekid so all was well in the little town of bg_valley


we were all "K i aint goin CT i went last round" and "STFU and GTFO u go CT rock paper scissors"

so we stayed in spawn for a bit and played rockpaper scissors.

However there was then a dispute if we clarified, was it winner takes all or best our of three?

I forgot what we did but it ended up in a voilent storm of sacrificial tucan legs

Round went on, we capped a few more times and the like and so forth then 2 of our players internets came out bout 10 mins left to go leaving us around the numbers of 5v3

So we were all omfg, WE GOHN LOSE. then we were KEH?! tis 3d and all was well.

We were chasing everyone around the map and they didnt manage to fullcap until 1 second left of the round when someone couldnt kill a certain 3ddeath ahem.

All in all ok match i think we got 1 kill by gunshot ;o

]:RR:[-SoL over {DEAD}
{DEAD} didn't show up for the match. They forfeit the match and recieve a strike in accordance with the Rules.

BGL Admins

tC :: over m-m-m |
m-m-m | didn't show up for the match. They forfeit the match and recieve a strike in accordance with the Rules.

BGL Admins

[13th] over #OC
well despite 3 of us lagging and me playing with redonkulously high choke and low fps, we managed to bet them by alot, anyone that predicted oc to win is a moron, if we had had our starting 5 with good comps we would have easily gotten a bgl high score...anyways gg


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