Match Results

Sun, November 7, 2004

European Division
Title Match:
[Paradigma] vs [ G.o.W ]
bg_newengland bgl
[Paradigma] over [ G.o.W ] (2601 - 1834)
Title Shot:
[bON$E] vs -[-SeR-]-
bg_newengland bgl
[bON$E] over -[-SeR-]- (3620 - 2045)
So][ vs Be Blue !
So][ over Be Blue ! (2296 - 2268)
GoD vs [Goose]
bg_newengland bgl
GoD over [Goose] (2755 - 515)

[Paradigma] over [ G.o.W ]
Nice war,thanks to GoW.

[bON$E] over -[-SeR-]-
Nice war SeR

So][ over Be Blue !
It was a nice match very fair and friendly atmosphere, gg Be Blue.

GoD over [Goose]
The first round was a good match and we were much better then Goose but in the second round the used the passage bug and left the server not much later.

[ Goose has been given a strike for Wall Climbing, an exploit, which is against the rules. They now have 2 strikes, if they slip up again they will be removed from the league. -BGL Admins ]

BGL EU Champions
Blue Brigade

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