Match Results

Sun, November 14, 2004

European Division
Title Match:
[Paradigma] vs [bON$E]
[Paradigma] over [bON$E] (5590 - 3160)
Title Shot:
GoD vs So][
GoD over So][ (6440 - 2590)
[ G.o.W ] vs -[-SeR-]-
[ G.o.W ] over -[-SeR-]- (FORFEIT)

[Paradigma] over [bON$E]
Paradigma vs. Bonse Titlematch 14/11

by Paradigma HGX

Tonights match was one hella of a fight!
The map we were to play was battlefield.

First we started of on the Bonse server as brits.
Bonse played very offensive and both teams had a hard time
taking the lead of the match.
Unfortunately Gravedigger got disconnected/kicked by some
reason or another. Let me it clear that we don't blame any
members of Bonse for the disconnect. We believe it was some
sort of serversetting or script. (the server had a kickscript
if your ping were too high)
Anyway we had a hard time holding the flags with only 3 ppl
so bonse made 2-3 fullcaps while he was away.

The round about 2200-1700... not sure tho cuz bonse changed
map before anyone from our team could make screenshots.

For the second round we wanted to play on our server.
Mainly because we didnt want to risk getting dropped by
the server at crucial times in the match. We were also
experiencing some choke.
Bonse didnt seem to find it fair to play one round on each
server. After some arguing back and forth we started the second
Having used the 10 mins break to discus some tactics we
were succesfull in overrunning them several times securing
us the 2. round victory with a smashing score of 3810 : 870

Though we had some problems agreeing on which server to play
we still think that it was a fun and exciting match to play so.

GG Bonse!

GoD over So][
Good Game. Thx to SoI

[ G.o.W ] over -[-SeR-]-
-[-SeR-]- used a multi-clanner during the match. They forfeit the match and recieve a strike in accordance with the rules.

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