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Sun, January 2, 2005

North American Division
Title Match:
+]3D[+ OMG vs ~)DiGA(~
+]3D[+ OMG over ~)DiGA(~ (3510 - 3020)
Title Shot:
[PRINCESS] vs +]3D[+ WTF
[PRINCESS] over +]3D[+ WTF (4040 - 2590)
{C.w.H} vs ^FM^|
^FM^| over {C.w.H} (FORFEIT)
IHOP^ vs [HYB]
[HYB] over IHOP^ (3260 - 2970)

+]3D[+ OMG over ~)DiGA(~
Wow, the best match i've had in a long time.

1st Round There was a lot of moving back and forth with the lead, but with a cap near the end we won by a slim margin.

2nd Round Started out with us getting two quick caps and them quickly coming back with their own, but we held our ground and in the end won.

Once again,
GG ~)DiGA(~ it was fun, see you again on the Battlefield

[PRINCESS] over +]3D[+ WTF
After being dorment for 4 months, the great mico grande had emerged as el mico grande de dos

it was a glorious battle, the 5 of us planeteers running through the flowerbeds of bg_snowlake and making sweet passionate love in the shack, until the evil invaders came

They started as the americans, and in the first few seconds someone got a headshot on me and thought they were so hard.

Then, like a choir of blessed angels, spec ops turned on dragonstei tin tei and all was well.

for the remainder of the round, it can be compared to micheal jackson violating a sweet young boy.

2nd round waas different however, the great mico and grady got in a fight about if janet jacksons right tit was real, and 3d almost capped. Luckily, nitrogen realizing he was cool, shot hunter and killed him and saved the day.

then taking a strategic note from Crums, general of the british forces in america, we made a line battle right outside our flag. The rest can only be told in playform:

*mico gets headshot*
*dubyah and grady kill one*
*sapphire dies because... (s)he isnt that good*

then after this, the rest ran all the way back to there spawn.

We did this line formation about 2 or 3 times, realzing that 3d either were too afraid or didnt realize we were all reloading and didnt charge us.

at the end of the day, the love shack was retaken and filled it with love !

Fun game, especially to the 3d members that didnt run away when it was 1 of us vs 3 like ..


nevermind. GG :)

^FM^| over {C.w.H}
{C.w.H} didn't show up to the match. They forfeit the match and are removed from the league in accordance with the Rules.

BGL Admins

[HYB] over IHOP^
Great match, lots of fun.

European Division
Title Match:
[Paradigma] vs [bON$E]
[Paradigma] over [bON$E] (4070 - 2770)
Title Shot:
GoD vs Be Blue !
GoD over Be Blue ! (5610 - 1830)
[ G.o.W ] vs So][
[ G.o.W ] over So][ (2810 - 2320)
QTF3C vs Tnm-|
Tnm-| over QTF3C (4200 - 1900)
[LuF] vs f-cows.BG

[Paradigma] over [bON$E]
gg and thx for the war bON$E

GoD over Be Blue !
Very Good Game. I hope the next one will come soon. Th x to Be Blue.

[ G.o.W ] over So][
SoI had only 3 players so we decided to play 3on3. And it sucked but we won after all.

Tnm-| over QTF3C
QTF3C left the server before last round did finish.
Sad to say, no one managed to get a picture of the result so the points aint accurate

GG guys - We are already looking foreward to play against you again :D

f-cows.BG and [LuF] didn't show up for the match. They both forfeit the match. [LuF] disbands and f-cows.BG is kicked from the league in accordance with the Rules

- BGL Admins -

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