Match Results

Sun, February 6, 2005

European Division
Title Match:
[ G.o.W ] vs [Paradigma]
[Paradigma] over [ G.o.W ] (5160 - 3910)
Title Shot:
So][ vs Be Blue !
So][ over Be Blue ! (3930 - 3110)
GoD vs [Independence]
[Independence] over GoD (4090 - 2520)
[LuF] vs G.R.I.
G.R.I. over [LuF] (5470 - 2940)

[Paradigma] over [ G.o.W ]
gg and thx for the match GoW

So][ over Be Blue !
At the beginning of the match we decided to play a 5on5, instead of a 4on4.
We started as Americans and had a good start.
Be Blue! were very good shooters and sniped us away over the whole length of the battlefield, but our skill in melee sufficed to win the first round with a headstart of 1000 points.
In the seccond round we fought on the British site and Be Blue! shot us away as they were paradigma ^^
We could hardly hold them off and lost this round with a little difference. All in all a great match.We thought that this would be an easier one.
Thx 4 war & gg BB!

[Independence] over GoD
ok that was the first war from Independence and i think we played very good it was a great and very friendly war gg GoD

G.R.I. over [LuF]
something wasn't right with the timeleft or something so it took a bit long, but the result is clear
good game LuF and good luck for the next one

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Blue Brigade

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