Match Results

Sun, July 31, 2005

European Division
Title Match:
[Independence] vs GoD
GoD over [Independence] (2520 - 2460)
Title Shot:
G.R.I. vs [ G.o.W ]
[ G.o.W ] over G.R.I. (3580 - 2320)
Be Blue ! vs |SoD|
Be Blue ! over |SoD| (FORFEIT)

GoD over [Independence]
hm what a game :).
Both Teams started very good, but Ip played better so they got more points but couldn't make a fullcap. Then suddently ZoRtAn left at the middle of the round, but Darky went spec so we finnish this round 3on3 (thx for this). In the second round ZoRtAn returned and we went on 4on4. This round was very exciting we played a little bit better and got that many points we need to win the match. But then 8min before end Ip made a fullcap and seemed to be the winner of the match. Only 2 min left our last attack to win this fight and we got the fullcap and win the match :D.

GG thx to Ip

[ G.o.W ] over G.R.I.

Be Blue ! over |SoD|
[bON$E] didn't show up for the match. They forfeit the match and receive a strike in accordance with the rules.

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