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Sun, October 9, 2005

North American Division
Title Match:
=KMA= vs +]3D[+ OMG
=KMA= over +]3D[+ OMG (3520 - 2880)
Title Shot:
-=ICE=- vs ]:RR:[ [K]
-=ICE=- over ]:RR:[ [K] (6130 - 2230)
+]3D[+ WTF vs <^|GwA|^>
+]3D[+ WTF over <^|GwA|^> (2910 - 2360)
[GsT] vs =KMA= ^dv2
[GsT] over =KMA= ^dv2 (4340 - 1560)

=KMA= over +]3D[+ OMG

-=ICE=- over ]:RR:[ [K]
After we got our server working good the match went smoothly.

The first round started us caming, then them moments later. That would be their last one of the match though, and we capped numerous times, allowing me to say "omg yes!!!", in text. We got them first round by about 1700.

Then second round I think a couple of their players didn't want to play anymore, so that may have made it a little easier for us, we won second round by about 2200.

GG, ]:RR:[. The player of the game goes to dogfood, not for his skill (obviously he had twice as much damage as everyone else), but because he found a mistake in an ]:RR:[ ranking. LCL is incorrect for Lieutenaunt Corporal, it should be LTC. ]:RR:[ said something about LTC being a cancer, but LCL sounds more like a character from Laguna Beach. Any who, good game, next up, Title Match.

+]3D[+ WTF over <^|GwA|^>
WTF gets the win againest a good all lady team.

[GsT] over =KMA= ^dv2
Ok... where to begin. So many exciting things happened during the scrim.

Alright it starts out 4 v 5 because we have no 5th. So we yell at this one guy from our DoD:s clan to d/l bg. So while he's doing that, we manage to cap a few times. It's funny its good, its happy happy fun time.

Our 5th comes in, he's never played before, but is somehow better than all of KMA combined. So after we are up and quite confident that us losing would be like santa not coming on Christmas, we decide to start being funneh guys.

Me and dubs type +forward in the console, still dominate people. Cube-n decides that we should all wait in spawn while he tries to solo. He gets 4, gets pbed, he's still a hero. He does it a few more times, I'm sure he aced one of them.

They boost me up on the roof, I shoot some peeps, Viper gets the one kill he ever gets the entire match by shooting me down... grats to him.

In the words of the great one known as CJ, Miss Sweeden, and my favorite Turkish Hans...

GG b00ns.

European Division
Title Match:
[Independence] vs [ G.o.W ]
[ G.o.W ] over [Independence] (3840 - 2300)
Title Shot:
[Independence II] vs G.R.I.
G.R.I. over [Independence II] (5560 - 1630)
Be Blue ! vs [LuF]
Be Blue ! over [LuF] (4970 - 1950)

[ G.o.W ] over [Independence]
We played 5on5.
GG, no complains.

G.R.I. over [Independence II]
During the war, we played 3 vs 3 for a short time, but ip got a 4th player soon


Be Blue ! over [LuF]
gg LuF

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