Match Results

Sun, April 23, 2006

European Division
Title Match:
[ G.o.W ] vs [Independence]
[Independence] over [ G.o.W ] (4990 - 3150)
Title Shot:
NWO vs SoD.weed
NWO over SoD.weed (FORFEIT)
G.R.I. vs |SoD|
G.R.I. over |SoD| (3450 - 2990)

[Independence] over [ G.o.W ]
First round started off a bit rocky, we had a hard time avoiding their bullets.
Second round we made a fullcap instantly and through half of the second round we were in overall-lead.
Line-up first round

Independence: Dallan, Blue__$ky, GrAnTeLbArT, Commander James
G.o.W: Plexi, Auroora, naG, Dark Pulu

Second round G.o.W traded in Auroora for laitsu and Independence traded in CJ for kieko.
Overall, very nice game - good luck in your next game, G.o.W!

NWO over SoD.weed

G.R.I. over |SoD|
we started the first round as americans and had a newer, unexperienced player in our team who fought well, but mostly just caught bullets and so the game were equal. then, in the middle of the first round, Hugin played for him and a row of fullcaps began. in the second round, as brits, we were able to keep the game equal again and finally won.

BGL EU Champions
Blue Brigade

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