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Sun, April 30, 2006

European Division
Title Match:
[Independence] vs NWO
NWO over [Independence] (6530 - 2730)
Title Shot:
[ G.o.W ] vs G.R.I.
[ G.o.W ] over G.R.I. (6470 - 1680)
Be Blue ! vs |SoD|
Be Blue ! over |SoD| (5620 - 2090)

NWO over [Independence]
First title! =) We are happy ^^
GoldenNeon was spec in the first round sometime and we still ask why :S
In second round, was a funny round and more hard.
Blue, next time when ur healed hand u will beat us =)
Well, gg Ip


[ G.o.W ] over G.R.I.
Ok... Quite clear match. Sorry G.R.I about Auroora she is really annoying I know. She just wouldnt shut up. She wont be playing our matches for a looooonng time.


Be Blue ! over |SoD|
First round
Be Blue started out strong as the brits and kept the lead during the entire round. SoD managed to kill alot but seemed to be having trouble getting the fullcaps. Even though the fight for the top was a close one, Retart came out with the high number of 44 kills. Good job Retart!

Second round
The start of the second round was a bit more even with both teams trying to get the first fullcap, which eventually ended up to be Be Blue's. As well as in the first round SoD seemed to be having trouble to get any fullcaps and BB pushed them back hard for the most of the round. In the end of the round SoD seemed to regain some strength and managed to get themselves a well pulled off fullcap! (This with 4 people in the smashed house, not bad!) The fight for the top was a close one here as well, but AnT ended up with a score of 42 kills with Palk and Sponge close behind with 36 and 35. Good killing!

Other mention worthy points from the match
Palkownik and Spongebob played remarkebly well, good job you guys!
Bavvo ran around with his sabre like a mad zulu warrior, you rounded SoD up real good!
Helcaraxe, our own very sniper, managed to shoot and hit with an accuracy of 90%+ That was awesome!
Hellrider and Ganja trooper did a goob job keeping BB from fullcapping! Good job!
Also funny was how Ganja trooper managed to do his sneaky attacks, appearing from nowhere and start swinging his sabre of destruction, haha this guy gave me a heartattack several times.
And finally Retart, first round being a bulldozer, second round having to play the role of a human shield. Played very well during the entire game!

/AnT of Be Blue !

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