Match Results

Sun, May 7, 2006

European Division
Title Match:
NWO vs [ G.o.W ]
bg_newengland bgl
[ G.o.W ] over NWO (4720 - 870)
Title Shot:
[Independence] vs Be Blue !
bg_newengland bgl
[Independence] over Be Blue ! (2810 - 2455)
SoD.weed vs G.R.I.
bg_newengland bgl
SoD.weed over G.R.I. (2700 - 1660)

[ G.o.W ] over NWO
I just love our new Finnish server. Not much to say about this one. We dominated the whole game.


[Independence] over Be Blue !
Well, in the first round I wasn't there so I can't say much about it except we lost it quite big and needed 1400 points to catch up...
In the second round I stepped in and it started out quite slow with BB shooting us all the time from quite short distances, camping around the corners with a loaded gun and such, but we managed to overcome that and pushed through quite nicely - we won the round by 1750, putting us in the overall lead!
One thing to mention from the first round was brought to my attention by darky who wanted to thank GrAnTeLbArT for hitting darky in the first round, giving BB their first fullcap! (AIM, FAT BOY!)
Thanks for a nice and close game, BB!


SoD.weed over G.R.I.
It was a nice war...


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