Match Results

Sun, May 21, 2006

European Division
Title Match:
[Independence] vs Be Blue !
Be Blue ! over [Independence] (3570 - 2900)
Title Shot:
GoD vs NWO
NWO over GoD (4040 - 2030)
G.R.I. vs |SoD|
G.R.I. over |SoD| (3490 - 2840)

Be Blue ! over [Independence]
~First round~
Playing for BB: The all Swedish team, consisting of; AnT, Babylot, Bavvo and Ponu
Playing for Ip: Blue_Sky, Dallan, Darky and Grantelbart

First round was pretty even if you ignore the fact that Ip managed to fullcap alot better and of course, kill some more. Not much more to say, Ip shot and stabbed in their ussual way giving them alot of kills and some pts :) Grantel played remarkebly well, fun to see! Not far behind were Dallan, Blue and Darky.

Server: Independence server

Score: 980-1910 (BB-Ip)

~Second round~
Playing for BB: Same as first round.
Playing for Ip: Blue_Sky, Dallan, Darky and Flash0r

Second round was our round. We managed to take control of the game, getting some fullcaps without losing any fullcaps back to Ip which often happens against this good clans. Dallan made some crazy headshots with his bazooka but it didn't quite save the day. Not much more to say, it was very much a Blues Brothers round :]

Server: Be Blue server

Score: 2590-990 (BB-Ip)

Total ending score: 3570-2900

Good game Ip

Well played my Blue friends (Be Blue) :)

NWO over GoD

G.R.I. over |SoD|
I just played the last three minutes...
but all said it was a very good and close game!

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Blue Brigade

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