Match Results

Sun, May 28, 2006

European Division
Title Match:
Be Blue ! vs NWO
NWO over Be Blue ! (FORFEIT)
Title Shot:
[ G.o.W ] vs G.R.I.
[ G.o.W ] over G.R.I. (3340 - 2500)
GoD vs -=[TsW]=-
GoD over -=[TsW]=- (3970 - 2650)

NWO over Be Blue !
Sad title.
I think that one day Slash and Hachiman must ask each team which server are going to use to play, and check it with thinking in all clans and later say which servers are allow to play.


You should check which servers you will play on BEFORE the match. If there will be a situation like this later, you will play on the servers you have agreed to play on, don't come whining on IRC during the match. ADSL servers aren't allowed, any exceptions to this rule have to be asked BEFORE the match, not during the match. If you have any questions about this or any other issue, feel free to contact me on IRC or by email.


[ G.o.W ] over G.R.I.
Lol what a war.
At first we are very sorry that we didn't get 4th player. Anyway gris accepted to play 3n3 'cause that, thx for 'em.

Something about game... in 3on3 its always hard to get full caps, well we managed to get one guess. 4on4 was quite even, but we got a few more full caps and managed to get victory.


P.S. pieru wanna send greetins for krusty

GoD over -=[TsW]=-
hmm funny match.

A little bid lame, because of crouching and pb, so everything what is needed to have a good match :D

CJ is the matchwinner, but all the other played good, too.

So gg and good luck for your next war.

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