Match Results

Sun, August 20, 2006

North American Division
Title Match:
[GsT] vs -=ICE=-
-=ICE=- over [GsT] (3420 - 3040)
Title Shot:
[Co2] vs ]:RR:[ [K]
[Co2] over ]:RR:[ [K] (3900 - 1600)
+]3D[+ OMG vs ^NJ^
+]3D[+ OMG over ^NJ^ (7540 - 1730)
{BotH} vs
{BotH} over (4420 - 2880)

-=ICE=- over [GsT]

[Co2] over ]:RR:[ [K]
we sent out a love message to the world

spec was crying to get back to WoW

wolf was high

shifty put up a hissy fit to get back to dinner

cman's first name is carter

and i got top kills second round WOW
** **
* * *
* *
Love, Monoxide!

+]3D[+ OMG over ^NJ^
gg, See everyone next week!!

{BotH} over
Moonpie89: just write it up
Moonpie89: how about
Moonpie89: I type it here
Moonpie89: you post
Chaos Spoofer: ok
Moonpie89: Round 1: R@ snuck in some full caps and managed to hold 400 point lead while BotH fielded some of their older veterans who don't actually ever play bg.

Round 2: BotH racked up the full caps while R@ managed to answer once or twice.
Moonpie89: GG
Chaos Spoofer: well done

European Division
Title Match:
nP vs G.R.I.
G.R.I. over nP (FORFEIT)
Title Shot:
-[TRR]- vs x6
x6 over -[TRR]- (8410 - 1300)
<FF> vs -=[TsW]=-
<FF> over -=[TsW]=- (4010 - 800)
[ G.o.W ] vs *TEHO*
[ G.o.W ] over *TEHO* (3650 - 2660)

G.R.I. over nP
nP players were caught using a cheat and this match has been retroactively ruled a forfeit win for the opposing clan.

-BGL Admins

x6 over -[TRR]-
Well, as you can see by the score... we owned. Quite hard.
TRR didn't manage to make a single fullcap during the entire war, let's hope it's more even the next time... or not! :D
First round we basically just went all OWANKEE, as CJ would say, since we were playing as americans - that round ended 5100-530 in our favor. Duuh.

Second round we didn't really get to the enemies alot since they mostly just camped the Smashed House and shot us down, but it still ended with 3310-770 which is quite OK.
Retart wanted me to mention his fullpull... he just flipped in the war, killed 3 guys and were going to kill the 4:th... who ran to the Cottage from the Battlefield... with Retart just behind him. Well, the rest is history :)

Speaking of fullpulls, I think most of the guys did one.
Oh, almost forgot the line-ups:
CJ, Dallan, Haxe, Retart and Startrooper.
CJ specced first and Startrooper second rounds.


<FF> over -=[TsW]=-
gg TSW =)

[ G.o.W ] over *TEHO*

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