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Sun, August 27, 2006

North American Division
Title Match:
-=ICE=- vs [Co2]
[Co2] over -=ICE=- (4100 - 3290)
Title Shot:
+]3D[+ OMG vs {BotH}
{BotH} over +]3D[+ OMG (4080 - 2490)
[GsT] vs --NwS--
[GsT] over --NwS-- (6540 - 1850)
|101st| vs
over |101st| (FORFEIT)
^NJ^ vs ]:RR:[ [K]
]:RR:[ [K] over ^NJ^ (3580 - 3430)

[Co2] over -=ICE=-
this was an excellent match!
really really cute with all the shit talk and the hype before it, blah blah blah, now to my recap of teh champz.

spec-ops had probably one of the largest frag gaps ever, between 20-30 kills at top above the second place in the second round. then he had to run back home to his little college. for the nathan

CJ stepped in and played for a dissapointing shifty, his euro-sauce was pretty leeting. CJ is just too good, i just don't know, i just don't know.

wolf was getting really angry over this piece of shit server we were playing on, lag spikes were frequent and crap, me and him were pretty cool on the water way.

cman had a broken arm and he played pretty cool, he's also left handed!

and i, for my own purposes, am very happy that i am able to shoot and do scarcely any melee, it really is a blessing.

to all, a good night!


{BotH} over +]3D[+ OMG
Round 1: Pretty solid back and forth action with BotH getting an upperhand.

Round 2: BotH grabbed a few full caps and kept the pressure up. I fell through the map. There is a hole near the wagon.

A good game was enjoyed by all.

[GsT] over --NwS--
Well, this game was very close. First round Oprah got a CRAZY! last second shot on me to stop the full cap. Oprah then said: HERO! The round then ended.

Second Round I stepped up my game and dropped a good ole 300 kills. Referees went my way.

At the end of the game the referees made a couple of very uncertain calls which made us take the lead.

over |101st|
|101st| didn't show up for the match. They forfeit the match and are removed from the league.

BGL Admins

]:RR:[ [K] over ^NJ^
very intense to say the least, we were comfertably in the lead during round 2 until they got a cap with 5 minutes left. following that it was a scramble to try and keep them from capping again. gg nj

European Division
Title Match:
nP vs x6
x6 over nP (FORFEIT)
Title Shot:
[ G.o.W ] vs <FF>
[ G.o.W ] over <FF> (4500 - 3400)
*TEHO* vs G.R.I.
*TEHO* over G.R.I. (4190 - 2870)
-[TRR]- vs ]:RR:[
-[TRR]- over ]:RR:[ (6560 - 2050)

x6 over nP
nP players were caught using a cheat and this match has been retroactively ruled a forfeit win for the opposing clan.

-BGL Admins

[ G.o.W ] over <FF>
The match started quite slowly, but finally we managed to get a few full caps. It was very funny match and we wish to meet play against FF again in future too !

GG nP.

*TEHO* over G.R.I.
First Round: we managed to make at the first round couple full caps at the start of the game, thats why we won first round.

Second Round: it was long same scores almoust to the end there was 10min left then we made 2-3full caps it was close war until end. well new map we had tactic?! what i can say.

well i got new players on my line-up (pulu, goliath, meggi, bavvo).

||>and goliath was godlike.and i sucked from the start to the end i dont know why?bavvo smiled whole time?meggi wasnt angry hmm?

-[TRR]- over ]:RR:[
Pretty good match vs ]:RR:[
but I think that the map was a bit lame.



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