Match Results

Sun, March 18, 2007

North American Division
Title Match:
[Co2] vs [Hammers]
[Co2] over [Hammers] (FORFEIT)
Title Shot:
+]3D[+ OMG vs *Co2
+]3D[+ OMG over *Co2 (3830 - 3510)
vs ]:RR:[ [K]
over ]:RR:[ [K] (4220 - 3920)

[Co2] over [Hammers]
Hammers did not show up at the appropriate BGL time.
Forfeit loss.

+]3D[+ OMG over *Co2
Well I would write shameful up, but thats not my style.Good game!!!!! Zomg,shifty.Phil,cali and the ringer we allowed. But I think a restructure for Co2 is in order. Midway through the second round cali and the ringer left and Co2* played with three so we decided just to hang around the lumberjackhouse uncapping it, but all in all the three that remained did a fine job as I played the last round mostly messing around.Crusers was on a rampage through the whole match and Delta was shooting his minuteman rifle in there faces, Weeble was just a wild man and cool. Rain begged to let the ringer play.As for me, What can I say I pb,play to win and have fun.

over ]:RR:[ [K]
this was the most boring match ever...we started off 4v4...then they lost one a few times...2nd round we had 3 in server but 1 was mia and they had 3...GG

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