Match Results

Sun, September 16, 2007

European Division
Title Match:
x6 vs [ G.o.W ]
bg_shipload bgl
[ G.o.W ] over x6 (FORFEIT)
Title Shot:
r@ vs +]3D[+
bg_shipload bgl
+]3D[+ over r@ (8165 - 3585)
GoD vs G.R.I.
G.R.I. over GoD (6735 - 4575)
*TEHO* vs [S.S.]
bg_shipload bgl
*TEHO* over [S.S.] (6650 - 4735)

[ G.o.W ] over x6
During this match, Commander James altered the team scores with remote console commands. He is banned from the league and x6 forfeits the match.

BGL Admins

+]3D[+ over r@
gg guys

G.R.I. over GoD

*TEHO* over [S.S.]
omg what a war never seen this before we played 6on6 at SHIPLOAD :D, we started good as first round we had lead of about 600points it was hard to get fullcaps, then round was ending 10min left or something like that they made couple fullcaps and we were like wtf is happening and we couldnt hit them at all :D, so we won first round only about 200points not even that.

second round: puuf we got good start again we had about 1k lead then in middle we were again wtf they got couple fullcaps but luckily we got immiadly after they got fullcaps also caps, and the last 12min was our domination and got futher lead we won almost with 2k.

we played both rounds on their server and i say it was fun :D even we almost lost the war i was laughing all the time.

our lineup: pulu, bavvo, sigge, laitsu, kig, guyonthecouch

gl for next war.

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