Match Results

Sun, October 7, 2007

European Division
Title Match:
[ G.o.W ] vs +]3D[+
[ G.o.W ] over +]3D[+ (4900 - 3220)
Title Shot:
Be Blue ! vs G.R.I.
Be Blue ! over G.R.I. (3780 - 3520)
r@ vs [S.S.]
[S.S.] over r@ (FORFEIT)
[ -D$L- ] vs GoD
[ -D$L- ] over GoD (5510 - 3160)

[ G.o.W ] over +]3D[+
Put your hands up for ruin! I love this map! Titi titi tidii


Be Blue ! over G.R.I.
Honestly the best 10 minutes of BG I played. I'll set the scene - the clock is ticking, all we need is 1 full cap and it's a win. Only 4 problems and they are shooting us with deadly accuracy. Bavvo takes one flank, Kig takes the other and Star and I plough through the middle. The Swedes take out the enemy and the last flag is in sight!! An unlucky respawn, GRI have materialized out of no where, but I still got a bullet. Long story short we get the full cap and I can't be bothered to write more.



gg all

[S.S.] over r@
Forfeit due to lack of members.

Would have been a great game.

[ -D$L- ] over GoD
GoD didnt have enough members. Only Katana and BM were online @ Wartime. After some time we decided to play 4on3 against Katana, Battlemaster and Pulu as a Ringer. Our Lineup was Barn, Baum, Tennis and me.
The match was fun, although it was a big disadvantage on bg_ruin to play with one man short. On Britain Side we managed to get 3 full caps or so after some time. On the other side we had a hard time getting a full cap as they managed to defend pretty well.
Sometimes Pulu got 3 or even 4 of us :(
Hopefully GoD will get their members active again as we are looking forward for a "real war" ^^
greetz KannNix

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