Match Results

Sun, November 11, 2007

European Division
Title Match:
Be Blue ! vs +]3D[+
Be Blue ! over +]3D[+ (7624 - 4469)
Title Shot:
[ G.o.W ] vs *TEHO*
*TEHO* over [ G.o.W ] (6144 - 5646)
[ -D$L- ] vs [S.S.]
[S.S.] over [ -D$L- ] (6158 - 5854)

Be Blue ! over +]3D[+
Good game 3D!

*TEHO* over [ G.o.W ]
first victory over gow.

round1: ok our lineup was sigge,pulu,zomg,zoda. we played as americans. it was interesting fighting we had almost all the time lead and cap between the teams did get bigger all the time so we won first round about 500+points.

round2: our lineup changed abit sigge went out and t_t came to his place. OK we started pretty well had about 400+lead until last 10-3minutes was nightmare, gow made 3fullcaps in row and they took the lead and they were only 150points behind us, but then theyr 4th try didnt work because zoda killed their middleflag guy so we luckily escaped from that, and last minutes we took the difference back to zero both had about 2900points in the end of round so it was quite funwar.

gg. gow

[S.S.] over [ -D$L- ]
a close match and good game
thx D$L

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