Match Results

Sun, January 27, 2008

European Division
Title Match:
Be Blue ! vs [S.S.]
Be Blue ! over [S.S.] (6160 - 2890)
Title Shot:
[ G.o.W ] vs |SoD|
[ G.o.W ] over |SoD| (FORFEIT)
r@ vs G.R.I.
G.R.I. over r@ (4620 - 3060)

Be Blue ! over [S.S.]
Good game, SS!
Pretty straightforward match, we got held up for a few minutes a couple of times (not being able to fullcap as british) and as americans it was REALLY hard, but we still managed to sneak in a few :P
Just have to mention bear bears fullcap, he managed to hide from all of the SS-members (behind the stonewall near lumberjack) and when they ran past him he just went ahead with the fullcap.

Very nice game, SS (and BB)!
Also, congratulations to the longest title reign ever, Be Blue! (it has not been recorded in BGSE yet, I guess it'll get recorded when/if we ever lose) :)

Signing off,
- Dallan

[ G.o.W ] over |SoD|
|SoD| didn't show up for the match. They forfeit the match and receive a strike in accordance with the rules.

BGL Admins

G.R.I. over r@
an awesome war!
we started on american side and had hard fights with r@ near the lumberjack. only 2-3 times we were able to get it, but lost it before it was completely captured.
in the second round, we had problems to fight our way to the ruin in the first 10 minutes, but then captured it, pushed r@ back to the bridge, dominated the whole left 20 minutes and made a final fullcap in the last seconds.
i liked this war very much, since i made 142 kills xD *show-off*

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