About The League

The BGL, or BattleGrounds League, is a competitive league for BattleGrounds 2, a modification for Half-Life 2 and the Source Engine.

The best way to get in touch with the league and ask any questions is to join us on IRC channel #bgl on network GameSurge or QuakeNet. If you have a clan and are serious about joining a league, go to the Join page and sign up!

The BGL was first started in June 2003 by Slash for BattleGrounds, a modification for Half-Life. It started with 4 clans and quickly grew to serve many BG clans across the world in competitive matchplay. Many clans have come and gone throughout the history of the league, but all their information and all past matches are still preserved and available on the Clans and Rosters page.

In June 2008, The BGL officially switched from BattleGrounds to BattleGrounds 2.

BGL Founder and Head Admin

BGL EU Champions
Blue Brigade

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