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By joining the BGL you understand the Rules of the league and agree to show up and play. Before being accepted into the league, you may be asked questions about the Rules or regular operations of the league. If you fail to answer, you may not be allowed in the league. Be sure to read and understand the rules! Clans that don't show up for matches and forfeit matches will be removed from the league.

You also need at least 8 active members in your clan to join the BGL - Exceptions can be made if you can show the BGL admins that you will be able to feild a full team for every match.

Upon being accepted into the league, you will be asked to provide a password of your choice which you will use to enter your Roster on the BGL site and to submit scores.

Please join and idle in #bgl on GameSurge (NA Clans) or QuakeNet (EU Clans) immediately so a BGL Admin can contact you and interview you for acceptance into the league.

Filling out this form doesn't guarantee your acceptance into the league!

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