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April 26th, 2004
I have created a Poll only for Active BGL clans. Leaders, please talk with your clan and choose the day which is best and worst for BGL matches.You may only vote once. If you are considering joining the league, please apply for the league by using the Join BGL link. Then you will be able to cast your vote. If the day turns out to be bad for your clan, you may then drop out of the league before matches start again.

BGL matches are suspended until the scheduling issues are resolved
. I encourage all clans with a serious interest in playing in the BGL apply for the league and idle in #bgl on GameSurge. Hopefully the league will only take a week break before starting play again on a new night(most likely). Please act quickly. If the new day is no good, you are free to drop the league before we start playing again. But we also need 8 clans minimum, so hopefully the poll will resolve the day of the week issues between clans and all clans can participate in BGL.

One final announcement: The [ax]- vs [13th] match results have been overturned because [ax]- used 2 ringers. They may have been members of [ax]- that recently installed BG, but they were not on the official BGL roster. Therefore they are considered ringers. Clan leaders, make sure to add everyone in your clan to your roster, even if you don't think they will play. You never know.

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Comment:Note: I set GAR and DiGA to Active status so they can vote without having to re-apply to the league.

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