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PredictionsBot Lives!
January 25th, 2005
I wrote a program to make Predictions based on the current week's matchups. The Predictions will be posted automatically every week after the Schedule is made on the Predictions Sub-Forum. Go there and contribute to the threads, but be warned that flaming is not allowed. The PredictionsBot chooses the winner based on numerous factors, including BGL Rank, BGSE Stock Value, and Clan vs Clan history.

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Comment:Turd, Slash coded bruk, so he can take credit for anything it does anyway.
Comment:yeah cmon slash, get on that, not like you actualy play anymore anyway
Comment:It's definitely possible but it takes a bit of time/effort and I'm lazy :D Maybe I'll do it soon.
Comment:bruk actually coded it but slash just took credit
Comment:If its too much work no biggie, I just thought it would be something interesting to add in. But considering you coded this whole site I know you can do it!
Comment:not really, you keep track of just about everything in the stock exchange and stuff, why not add 1 more section
Comment:Sounds like a lot of work :(
Comment:you should keep a history of how often the predictions bot is correct

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