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BG Tracker Opens
February 19th, 2005
The BattleGrounds Tracker is now open. It tracks thousands of players that play BG- Their aliases, SteamID's, and IP's. Read more about it here. Server admins are asked to add the following 2 lines to their server.cfg if they wish to help out the project:

log on
logaddress_add 5555

The tracker updates it's database with new information from servers daily. All BGL information collected over the past couple months has been added already.

In other news, the North American Division is still inactive until there are 8 clans ready to play.

Comments (Newest to Oldest)
Comment:Slash cant you let the NA division such start with 6 clans... The boys have to wait so long, maybe America isnt as big as they can host 8 clans!
Comment:IP address is only shown when a player initially connects to a server. So if that's not in the logs it won't be there. In addtion, if they stay on the server across many map changes, the IP will only be on the first map when he connected, not in all the other logs.
Name:Crazy Maniac
Comment:On the Tracker how do some names come up with no IP address
Comment:this is realy cool !
good work, but i can find myself up to 6-7 times o.O
Comment:elite good job slash

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