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Nation's Cup of BattleGrounds Opens
May 7th, 2005
I have started the Nation's Cup of BattleGrounds. Teams are made from the best players from every country and the NCBG is a tournament to find out which country is the best at BG. Matches will be 4v4 and we need at least 12 countries represented to get this off the ground.

The whole tournament would take place over the course of 2 or 3 full weekends. You must be available on weekends to play the matches. Specific times and dates will be determined later. The site is basic for now, but there is enough there so you can sign up and we can figure out how many people are interested and from which countries they are from. Please sign up if you are interested. Each player who wants to be in NCBG must sign up on the site and make their own account.

Nation's Cup of BattleGrounds Site

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Comment:Very nice thought, I hope lots and lots of people signup so that this becomes a very nice tournament :)

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