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Upcoming Custom Maps
June 28th, 2005
The next 5 maps on the Schedule are all custom maps. Make sure your players and your servers have these maps ready to go.

bg_bridge, bg_convoy, and bg_virginia are available on the Files page.

bg_ticonderoga and bg_forestroad are available in the official BG Mappack, available on the Game Files page. Note that forestroad is the fixed version of the map, not the version that comes with the default installer.

Comments (Newest to Oldest)
Comment:i love newegland
Comment:5on5 is crap much more work for me, 4on4 is optimal ^^
Comment:It's the 24th.
Comment:I think this is the best place to say that the next sunday isnt the 7/26 as it says in the shortinfo on the right
Comment:I added lexington to the end of the schedule.
Comment:So slash? lexington in cycle?
Comment:that is exactly what I like about lexington, the only thing that would have to be added would be prog spawning and a point system that rewards having beaten the enemy
currently you dont get many points for it, nor many advantages, thats too true
Comment:Yes i understand.. Well we have played lexington in i mean the EBGL, long time ago, but it was very nice and no problems, and i think in the map ruin you have to walk more. Also I think you should quit virginia and convoy, because noone likes it very much and it is horrible to play in a war!
Comment:oops, I had convoy but forgot to upload it the other day. All the maps should be there now.

We played Lexington before and it was difficult to play because the map is a long path. You would have to beat the enemy at the middle, then on their side of the map, then possibly a third time (on the same life) if you wanted to capture all the flags. It was quite annoying.

I can add it later if enough people want to play it. It's in the mappack and everyone is going to have to download it anyways, so everyone should have it if we do decide to play it.
Comment:virginia... horrible map.
this is a download of bg_virginia with .res, .txt, .bsp, a .cfg (roundtime 10) and the .wad
all you have to do is extract to X:\steam\steamapps\user@provider.yy\half-life\bg
convoy isnt on your file page (yet)
grab everything that is needed and ask (for example) menza to host it
I think convoy itself is running on some 3d or diga servers so ask them
Comment:Slash, are you gonna put Lexington into the BGL? That would be very nice!
Comment:Find a link to the full zip file with all the included stuff... I don't have it. I got that zip file from 3D's webpage or something. If someone finds a complete zip file I'll put it on the files page.
Comment:btw virginia is causing trouble because of bg_virginia.wad

and it doesnt have a .cfg as far as I know, include both into the .zip!
Comment:lexington would be quite interesting
forestroad is playable as well
Comment:Slash, I think convoy and virginia are not good to play! You 'd better to play Lexington, that is a GREAT map, or something like that. bridge, forest, ok but the rest is crap!
Comment:I'm not sure how well bg_convoy will play... but I guess it's worth a shot. After all, it would get boring if we kept playing valley, battlefield, and snowlake every week :D.
Comment:what the fuck slash, bg_convoy bg virginia, the others are bad but playable but those 2? why not play bg_janus or bunkerhill crackhead
Comment:well, some euro clans may have lots of people on their roster, but in reality the matches are mostly played by the same 5 or 6 and the others are more or less inactive
Comment:I know it isnt my league but it looks like they got enough some of them have way more than American clans do.
Comment:Will all clans be able to play 5v5? I'm not sure that they will. If clans want to play 5v5, they can agree to do so. To make it official both leaders should tell their division admin (Hachiman) before the match to avoid dispute later.
Comment:make matches 5vs5 for euro or this wont work =/

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