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BGL Forums DownMay 16th, 2010
The BGL has used the official's forums for many years now, but this has come to an end. There have been ongoing problems on the BGL subforum which were reflecting badly on BattleGrounds mod community, as well as the league. Therefore, the BGL will no longer use the forums and the subforum has been removed.

Communication with division admins can still be done through Steam, IRC (#bgl on GameSurge (NA) or QuakeNet (EU)), or email. There are no immediate plans to start a replacement forum for BGL at this time.
Posted by: SlashComment!

Bgl NA UPDATEApril 27th, 2010
Well the new version is here and as your  NA bgl admin I'm lifting the two week wait for two weeks to get rosters in order.  Only roster players may play, don't grab ringers.Ringers are allowed if  clans agree. Why you may ask am I doing this, well its a new version and new clans have signed to play and its like we are just starting . Records will remain intact,  AP is title holder and will receive a bye because td has left bgl and its only fair to them . There is a new bgl cfg ready for download in the files section. All servers must have it on before Sundays matches. Please test all the new maps and report map or flag bugs to myself or dev team. Good luck and have fun!!! 
Posted by: deathDiscuss

NA Matches PostponedApril 23rd, 2010
Well the long awaited release of bg2 2.0 comes out at 12 AM April 24th. NA matches will be postpone until Sunday May 2nd, Pending testing of Current bgl.cfg. Also I need team leaders to test as many new maps as possible and report to this thread. Team admins are to contact there server providers to update servers as soon as possible. I would remove all of 1.5 before installing 2.0 to insure stability. Have fun playing the new release and watch for the new Schedule no later then Wednesday April 28th 2010.
Posted by: deathDiscuss

Clan Removal and SuspensionsMarch 29th, 2010
Team Forfeit is removed from the BGL due to Excessive mm1 spamming, team killing through  the entire match and the use of racial comments.They also used a Ringer without permission. Demos proved during match play a script or key bind was run so no one could team chat as this disrupted console and could have caused server crash. Also the same script or bind used changed TF names to opposing team names. In conclusion: There's only four players left on the roster to show up, three show up every week and the whole point is for them to troll the league (which they've done). These Player Steam IDS have also been suspended for one month.Bot02 STEAM_0:0:4361218 Harry Potter, STEAM_0:1:24226667, STEAM_0:1:28199976. 
Posted by: deathDiscuss

BGL Eu Division restarting 28.03.2010March 18th, 2010
So we finally got 8 teams to restart the EU division. First matches will be played next week.

You don't need to have complete rosters until the second match week. I expect every clan to show up for their matches, so tell me as soon as possible if you can't play next week for some reason. Also all strikes have been removed from the teams.

The BGL cfg has been updated several times since the last time EU division was active. Remember to upload it on your servers.

If you have any question etc, contact me (preferably in irc).
Posted by: HachimanDiscuss

TownguardMarch 17th, 2010
Do to townguard still crashing for some it has been removed until its fixed and tested. The new map for this week 3/21/10 will be bg_kettlecreek_bgl.If any teams feel this is to short of notce plz agree on playing another map this weekend.
Posted by: deathDiscuss

New cfg Is ReadyFebruary 8th, 2010
A new bgl.cfg is ready for download from the Files section in the Navigation menu and needs to be on all servers before Sundays matches. Dont forget to change passwords in cfg and add your fastdownload url if you have one. Also, If your match needs to be rescheduled, make sure you reschedule it for a day BEFORE Sunday. The league will NOT wait for you to complete your matches. ALL MATCHES MUST BE COMPLETED BY THE ASSIGNED MATCH DAY/TIME! If A map is causing problems play another both clans can agree to. The map crashing will be removed from rotation. Thank You!!!
Posted by: deathDiscuss

Updated Rule 1/26/10January 26th, 2010
By no means can a player on a ACTIVE roster move to another team and begin play. They must wait TWO WEEKS. This includes Clans going inactive they must also wait two weeks before they can play in a BGL match. This rule is a update from 11/29. Clans Voting on the the rule SS, EM, PL.,AP, .THE, TF,HGN , SNT, TOXIC and .TD.
Posted by: deathDiscuss

New BGL.CFGJanuary 21st, 2010
Three settings need to be on in match play that havent been on. All matches need to have a server log in case of problems. The other two are self explanatory. Slash has update the bgl.cfg with these options and can be downloaded from the Files section in the Navigation Menu.You will still need to change passwords in your bgl.cfg and Turn on sv_show_damages and sv_show_enemynames to 1.
If issues arise there is the the bgl.old.cfg for back up.I recommend adding the two and changing your current one. Some may find it easier both ways. Thank You!!

mp_forcecamera 1
mp_autobalanceteams 0 
log off //Creates a logfile (Enable= on Disable= off) Change to on in bgl.cfg

Posted by: deathDiscuss

New Rule AddedJanuary 18th, 2010
All Team Contacts are required to read the rules of the BGL. A new rule has been added today.
It is located under IV. Server and Settings.
All classes in BG2 are limited to one, with the exception of the Infantry/Soldier classes, which have no limit.

Posted by: deathDiscuss

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