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Player Ban and Upcoming MapOctober 17th, 2004
The following player is banned from the league indefinately:

Name: Agent5
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:132245

This player accessed the BGL Admin Control Panel and entered false results for the ~)DiGA(~ vs dv8^ match, giving dv8^ the title and messing up both clans records. Indisputable proof of this was found in the webserver log file. This is completely unacceptable and future attempts at trying to "h4x0r" the site will not be tolerated.

The map to be played after bg_snowlake will be bg_newengland_bgl which can be found on the Files page. You can read the changes.txt file to see what has been changed. All players and server admins should download the map and get it on their servers as soon as possible. If there are any major problems with the map, clans may agree to play bg_newengland instead.
Posted by: Slash16 Comments and First EU ScheduleOctober 11th, 2004
BGL now has it's own web hosting and domain. The old address should automatically forward you to, but the site will load faster if you update your bookmarks.

The first EU Schedule is available for this Sunday's matches. I chose clans with servers to play clans without servers to make the first week easier on everyone. This is only for the first week- from now on, I will have to Schedule clans according to the Rules. [Goose] has been given a Bye since they may not be ready to play yet (they haven't added anyone to their Roster) and there are an odd number of clans in the division (9).
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Random Demo PullsOctober 11th, 2004
A dispute came up tonight which I needed demos to resolve. Luckily, only 1 demo was needed to resolve the dispute. In the process of asking for demos, I found out that a lot of people aren't recording demos, from all clans.

Instead of suspending 30 people from the BGL, I will start doing random demo pulls. Every week after matches, players will be selected at random. Those players will be required to submit their demos to an admin immediately. If they are unable to, they will be suspended from leagueplay for 2 weeks. For a month after their suspension, they will be on probation and required to submit their demos to an admin every week. If they fail to submit a demo during their probation, they will be banned from the league indefinitely.

This applies to the North American division only.
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European Division to Begin MatchplayOctober 6th, 2004
The European division will begin matches on October 17th, 2004. There was no need to make any polls to determine the specifics of the league since there seemed to be agreement amoung clan leaders. BGL European matches will take place every Sunday night at 19.00 GMT. All BGL EU matches will be 4on4 by default. Of course, if both clans have 5, they may agree to play 5on5 if they like. The upcoming map list on the Schedule page will show 5on5, but this means 4on4 for the BGL EU division. All other rules and settings will be the same as the BGL NA division.

If your clan signed up and you do not wish to play in the BGL now, please contact myself or Hachiman as soon as possible so we can remove your clan from the league. If you believe your clan will not be able to play matches at the designated time, please consider leaving the league. The BGL does not tolerate forfeitting. If your clan does not show up to a match, your clan will be removed from the league. Of course, if there are any clans still interested in joining the league, feel free to do so. We always accept new clans.

Make sure your servers have the BGL cfg file available on the Files page. Make sure you understand the Rules. If you don't understand something about the rules, please ask a BGL admin. Clans should  go to the Manage Roster page and enter their clan's roster as soon as possible. If one of your clanmates is not on your BGL roster, they will be considered a ringer and will not be allowed to play.

As of now, there may be a shortage of European servers for matches. Please contact your opponent early in the week and ask if they have a server. If both clans do not have a server, you will have to ask to borrow another clan's server. If you do this, you will have to reschedule your match earlier in the day or eariler in the week when you can borrow another clan's server. Remember, all rescheduling must be done before the scheduled match time. The BGL will not wait for you to complete your matches! All matches must be completed by Sunday night!

The first BGL EU schedule will be posted approximately a week before matches start. If you have any questions, contact a BGL admin. 
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Rules Update v4.8October 4th, 2004
Here are the changes in the Rules for version 4.8. You should be familiar with all the Rules.

Section I (update):
All Ringer rules (described in later sections) do not apply to clans that just joined BGL in their first week of play. This means they may use ringers as they are still updating their roster, but they may not use any player on another active clan's BGL roster. For a clan's second week in the BGL, all Ringer rules are strictly enforced, just like all other clans.

Section II (update):
European Division
Sunday, 19.00 GMT

(note: This appears to be the best time for the European division at this point. I will make an official News post about the state of the European division in the near future).

Section III (update):
The default number of players in match play for the North American division is 5. The default number of players for the European division is 4. Clans may play with more or less players if they agree.

(note: This appears to be the best player number for the European division at this point. I will make an official News post about the state of the European division in the near future).

Section III (update):
Screenshot Note: After the round is over, BG continues to add points for flags on the scoreboard. Because of this, you should change hud_takesshots "0" to hud_takesshots "1" in your config.cfg file. This way, BG will automatically take end game screenshots the moment the round ends and place it in your BG folder. If the command is not in your config.cfg, add it.

Section IV (addition):
If the Server gives an unreasonable ping advantage to one clan over the other, the match should be played on another server where the pings are more even, if possible. This should be determined before the match starts, not during (or after). Complaints after or during the match will be ignored by admins. Please determine if the server is acceptable before the match starts. League admins will have the final say on whether or not a server gives an unfair ping advantage to a clan. In the event that each clan's server is laggy for the opposing clan, 1 round should be played on each server, as usual. However, if there is only 1 server available to play on, then there is no choice but to use that server, regardless of the ping difference.

Section V (update/addition):
The BGL definition of a multi-clanner is as follows: Any player participating in a BGL clan match with a clan they are currently not on the roster of and are a member of another clan's roster. In other words, a ringer that is also a member of another active BGL clan.

Section V (clarification):
Each clan must keep an "official" up to date roster on the BGL website. New members must be added to the roster during the time rosters are open for change. Roster changes are NOTallowed 24 hours before and after BGL matches. Every other time roster changes are legal.

Section V (update/addition/clarification):
Ringers may be allowed if the opposing clan agrees to it. This goes for any rule. However, there is a clause to this that cannot be changed, under any circumstances: You may not use a ringer if you have clan members currently available to play. NO EXCEPTIONS!!! In addition, the ringer must not be a multi-clanner. This means ringers can only be used if 1) The other clan says its ok 2) They are only being used to fill positions where no other member is available to play and 3) They are not currently not on the roster of another active BGL clan.

Section VI (addition):
Bugs and Exploits are not allowed in BGL. These are classified as actions that go outside of the intended featureset of the mapper or game developers. This includes, but is not limited to, running up the inclined sides of maps (Wall Running), door blocking, weapon drop, etc. The BGL Admins have final say in what is and what is not exploiting. Use your head. If you are unsure, ask an Admin. In the event that you are suspected of using any of these exploits, you will be required to submit a personal demo of the match. Make sure you record demos!

Section VI (update):
Forfeits effect both records and rankings. We have ZERO tolerance for forfeiting. Any clan that forfeits will be removed from the league. By joining BGL your clan is expected to play in matches. If your team will be unable to play a certain week, make sure you notify the admins as soon as possible. Preferably at least 4-5 days in advance. If your clan forfeits 2 matches in a row, your clan will be removed from the league. If your clan forfeits your first match in the BGL, this shows an extreme lack of commitment and your clan will be removed from the league. Extenuating circumstances will be taken into consideration on a case by case basis.

Section VIII (update):
BGL Admins have final say in the interpretation of these rules and final say in any dispute. The BGL Head Admin may override the decision of Division Admins. All clans must abide by these rules to play in the BGL. Ignorance is not an excuse.
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First European Division AdminSeptember 29th, 2004
Hachiman has been appointed the first BGL European Division Admin. He will assist in getting the division off the ground and getting clans set up and ready for the league. Once the division gets started, I may look for 1 or 2 more European Division Admins to help with regular operations.
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European Division Re-OpensSeptember 27th, 2004
I have recieved some interest from European clans wishing to play in the BGL. I will re-open the division and if there is enough applicants (around 6 or so), BGL EU matches can start being played.

There are some considerations that need to be settled before matches can begin. Should the EU division play 4v4 or 5v5? What day of the week? What time? I will talk to clans about this or make Polls for clans to vote in. Right now, Sunday nights at 20:00 GMT (8pm) seems like the best. Regardless, clans should sign up if they have any interest in the league and if it doesn't work out they can always leave the league before matches start.

Remember, the BGL doesn't allow forfeitting of any kind. If you don't show up for a match, prepare to be kicked out of the league.

Update: All clans that apply should have a representative in #bgl on GameSurge for easier contact.
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bg_newengland_bgl BetaSeptember 24th, 2004
I have been working on a modified version of bg_newengland, one that makes the map more balanced and better for clanplay. The map itself hasn't changed, but the entities were modified (such as spawns). Here's what has been changed so far:

* Moved all British spawnpoints onto the dock
* Renamed Capture Points to: "Townarea By The Ship", "Area Behind Town", "Small Field", and "Passage"
* Changed Passage capture time to 5 seconds
* Changed Townarea By The Ship capture time to 5 seconds
* Changed Area Behind Town capture time to 2 seconds
* All Capture Points now give the same amount of personal points (5 pts)
* All Capture Points now give the same amount of team points (5 pts)
* All Capture Points now give points at the same interval (30 sec)

You can download the latest version (beta2) on the Files page. Everyone is encouraged to give it a try and perhaps try scrimming on it.

Please give feedback either on the Forums, BGL Quickie Forums, BGL IRC channel, or by email.
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BGL Admin RemovalSeptember 11th, 2004
Agent5 has been removed as an admin for BGL. He participated in clan flamewars, particularly the pissing contest between +]3D[+ and dv8^. After being warned about his behavior, he continued to participate and therefore was removed.

BGL Admins are always representing the league when they do anything in the world of BG. The BGL is not bias towards any clan over another and admins are expected to act that way as well. When BGL Admins participate in flaming other clans, that not only makes the league look bad, but also may arouse suspicions from other clans in the league that the league may be unfair and hurt the credibility of the league.

Now and in the future, if you feel a BGL Admin is acting inappropriately or representing the BGL in an unfair way, please email me or talk to me on IRC.
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Poll ResultsSeptember 7th, 2004
I closed the Class Restriction Poll. The results show an overwhelming majority favor keeping the class restrictions the same as they are now, so no changes will be made to the rules.

A reminder to all clans, especially towards the number of new clans joining or thinking about joining the league - The BGL has a zero tolerance policy towards forfeitting. If you don't show up for your match, or don't have enough players on match night, expect to be removed from the league without warning.
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