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Class Restriction PollAugust 17th, 2004
I made a poll for clans to vote for whether or not to keep the class restrictions in BGL. You can take the poll here. Polls may become a more regular feature on the site as issues come up. The news will be updated if there are new polls for clans to participate in.
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Mappack ReminderAugust 16th, 2004
This is a reminder that the next 3 maps in BGL: bg_forestroad, bg_ticonderoga, and bg_lexington, are all part of the official BG Mappack released a little more than a week ago. Make sure everyone on your team downloads the mappack and the maps are added to match servers. Mirrors are available on the news page, a few items down.

Direct Link Here
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Hitbox Bug IS An ExploitAugust 9th, 2004
This is a reminder that the hitbox bug that is in all HL mods currently is considered an exploit. Using this exploit will cost your clan the match and get yourself suspended or banned from BGL matches.

For those who don't know what it is: The hitbox bug occurs in any HL game to the player in the last slot of a server. This player is considered "bugged". The player's hitbox lags behind the player's model proportional to the player's movement speed. This can make the player seemingly impossible to hit.

So how can you tell for sure if a player is bugged? When in the game (particularly before the match), type "status" in the console. The players are listed with numbers before their name. These numbers represent the slot the player is occupying on the server. If that number is the same number as the maxplayers on a server, that player is bugged. It always happens and it can only happen to that player.

As you may have guessed, the only way for someone to get Slot #20 on a 20 person server is for them to join the game when the server is almost full and snatch up that last slot. This means that on a full server, there is always one player bugged. Although BGL matches don't fill up a server, players may try to get the last slot before a match and then idle on the server until match time so they are bugged. This is exploiting and illegal in BGL.

Valve has already stated they fixed this bug, but we are waiting for an update via Steam to be up to date. It's everyone's responsibility to use the "status" command before the match starts to make sure none of the players are bugged. If they are, kindly explain to them the situation and ask them to rejoin the server so they get a new slot number. If they refuse, leave the server and seek a BGL admin.
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Map ConfusionAugust 6th, 2004
The BG Dev team has recently released a map pack for BG on their site. One of the maps included was bg_forestroad. The version included is different than the one that has been offered on the BGL site. Since its likely some people have installed the map pack and some haven't, the map for this Sunday is going to be changed to bg_bridge and bg_valley next week. Sorry about this, but this is the only solution. Almost everyone should have bg_bridge, but if you don't it's available on the Files page.

I do suggest that everyone downloads the new map pack off BG's Official Site because the next map after bridge and valley is going to be the version of forestroad included in that map pack. It's likely BGL will use other maps included in that map pack in the future, so download and install it as soon as possible so you are ready.

If there are last minute problems getting your clan ready for bg_bridge, you can always agree to change the map with the opposing clan.
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Auto ScreenshotAugust 4th, 2004
Getting the exact scores at the end of the match has always been a pain since BG continues to give capture points after the timelimit has expired. However, there is a built in HL function that automatically takes screenshot for you the exact moment the timelimit ends. Here's how you do it:
  1. Go to your Steam\SteamApps\\half-life\bg folder.
  2. Open config.cfg in Notepad.
  3. Scroll down to the command hud_takesshots "0"
  4. Change the 0 to a 1 so its now hud_takesshots "1"
  5. Save the file and close it.
If it's not there (it should be near the other hud_... commands), then add hud_takesshots "1" to the file and save it. Screenshots will automatically be taken at the end of every round and will be put in your BG folder. I recommend that everyone enables this command so there is no debate over scores at the end of a round. With this setting on, everyone should have the same scores at the end of a round.

Perhaps we can convince the BG Dev team to add a toggle for this command in the in-game Settings menu for the next BG release.
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Download New Forestroad VersionJuly 29th, 2004
Predator has just given BGL the latest version of bg_forestroad for matches. Everyone must download it. If you have the older fixed version, you will have to get this one too. Unzip into your Steam Half-Life directory and overwrite all the old files. You cannot just join a server running bg_forestroad- it will NOT download everything you need.

bg_forestroad Download

In other news, ||GnD|| has left the league leaving |G.A.R| no one to play for the Title Match. Therefore, |G.A.R| will get a Bye week this week and play the winner of the Title Shot  next week.
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BGL Help Wanted.July 28th, 2004
The BGL is looking for a few talented individuals in the following areas:

In the following areas...

Predictors - You should have a strong knowledge of present clans, their rosters, and past match information. The BGL or BGSE can provide most of this information for you, but you should be involved in the community and have thoughtful, un-biased opinions. You must also have strong writing skills. No l33t h4x0rz LolZ@! predictions.

Article Writers - This could be on a number of topics. About the clan community, about particular clans, about past clans, or even interviews with players in the clan community or mod team. Articles pertaining to actual Revolutionary War history are ok, but people who think they are 1700's need not apply.


When the BGL first started I asked for a design from the community. Spade gave me the design that he was planning on using for another league. It turns out that Spade didn't make the current BGL design. He ripped it off a web template site and tried to pass it off as his own. Needless to say I'm not too happy about this...

The BGL needs a new design with the following requirements:

Dynamic - The navigation areas must be very flexable. If I need to add or delete many links, it shouldn't break the design.

Simplistic - No flashy graphics are needed throughout the design of the site. It's mostly a data-driven site, meant to dispense lots of info quickly. All navigational links must be plain text, no image links.

Data driven - There is a lot of info that is needed to be displayed on the page at any given time. Because of this, BGL needs a 3-column design. If you can find a way to organize a main area, navigational area, and a sidebar with other useful information such as title holders and upcoming maps, that is acceptable. Although it would probably be easier just to stick to a 3 column design.

Technical details - XHTML 1.1 Strict and CSS only. MINIMAL or no table useage, most ALL formatting should be done with CSS. NO FRAMES.

I only really need 2 templates made. One for the basic design of 3 columns and one for the Quickie Forums which basically merges the last 2 columns. Please design any different table layouts that are nessesary(rankings, upcoming maps table, etc). DONT go through and design every page the way it is now. I just need the basic template and any other little details, and I'll do the rest.


Anyone interested in any of this, please send examples of your work to . Note that if you want the Web Designer job you MUST have examples of previous work demonstrating your knowledge of XHTML and CSS.

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Chat Room Available On WebpageJuly 24th, 2004
I have added a Java Chat Applet to the website for those without access to or don't know how to use an IRC client. You can join the chat here. You leave the chatroom when you close the window or browse somewhere else, so make sure you leave the window open if you plan on chatting. For those who want there own client, instead of having to go to a webpage everytime you want to chat, please check out mIRC.
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European Div. Inactive TemporarilyJuly 16th, 2004
I set all the clans in the European Division inactive for the time being. Once 6-8 applications are received from European clans, I will open the division for play again. Clans that are moving to Steam are encouraged to join. Clans already in the European division should re-apply for the league so I know you're still alive.
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BGL Rules Update V4.5July 1st, 2004
Since I made more changes than usual, here is the parts I modified/added:

Section IV (added):
Players participating in BGL matches must be unbanned from the match server before matches. If they are legal BGL players on a team's roster, they must be allowed to play on the match server. After the match, server admins may ban the player again, but match servers must not ban any legal BGL players during match time. If clans refuse to unban players for matches, that server may not be used for matches. Again, server admins may feel free to ban anyone they want, but when match time comes around, you must allow players to play. Personal vendettas, clan flamewars, and questionable player conduct are irrelivant in this matter.

Section IV (added):
The Location of the server must be in the region in which the division resides. North American matches must be played on North American servers. European matches must be played on European servers. Of course this can be changed if both clans agree, but if other clans wish to play in a foreign division, they are expected to make sacrifices so they do not unjustly inconvience other clans in the division.

Section VI (clarified):
Bugs and Exploits are not allowed in BGL. These are classified as actions that go outside of the intended featureset of the mapper or game developers. This includes, but is not limited to, running up the inclined sides of maps (Wall Running), door blocking, etc. The BGL Admins have final say in what is and what is not exploiting. Use your head. If you are unsure, ask an Admin. In the event that you are suspected of using any of these exploits, you will be required to submit a personal demo of the match. Make sure you record demos!

As always, these rules are effective immediately.
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