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Door BlockingJune 27th, 2004
I made a small addition to the Rules. Door blocking is considered an exploit, so don't do it. I added that as an example in the Rules under Section VI. Behavior and Punishment - Bugs and Exploits
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SchedulingJune 15th, 2004
There seems to be some confusion as to how scheduling is done. I will go through the schedule process breify to hopefully make it more clear.

First of all, the league is on-going. It's not seasonal. That being said, there will always be a Title Holder in BGL with few exceptions (when the league started or when the current Title Holder leaves). Since there is always a Title Holder, there needs to always be a Challenger for the title. Therefore, on a typical match week, there must always be a Title Match and a Title Shot. The Title Match is the match where the current Title Holders and the Challenger are playing for the title. Obviously, a Challenger for the following week must be determined. So there is a Title Shot match involving two teams which play for a shot as the Challenger for the Title Match the next week.

I think it makes sense that the clans able to get a chance at the Title Shot match should be on winning streaks of some sort. I don't think a losing clan deserves a shot at a title- that just doesn't make sense. As we can clearly see from this setup, there needs to be 4 winning teams each week for the 2 matches (title match and title shot). The two clans playing in the Title Match were winners the previous week- one is the winner/defender of the Title and the other won the Title Shot match. The two clans playing in the Title Shot match were also winners the previous week- they won, and thus are deserving of a Title Shot- Losers don't get a shot at the title!

Now obviously if there are many winners any given week, then the clans with the longest win streak or the highest rank should play in the Title Shot. However, let's examine the league's current situation. There are only 8 clans. There are only 4 matches every week, and thus only 4 winners. Let's put it this way- if you win a match, you are going to be in the Title Shot. If you win again, you are in the Title Match. If you win a third time you have the title. In other words, if you win 3 times in a row, you are the champions of BGL at this point.

Admins have little flexability when creating a schedule. The 4 winners are forced to play each other and then the 4 losers are matched up based on rank and past opponents. For instance, if 2 of the losers are at the bottom of the rankings, but they've played each other the previous week or 2 weeks before, then they will probably not be scheduled against each other. Half the matches are out of the admins hands- they schedule themselves. And the other 2 matches are determined by rankings and previous opponents. When there are 10 clans or more this obviously changes the dynamic, and allows us to make sure similar skilled clans play each other, but with so few there is little that can be done.

I hope this clears up how scheduling is done in the BGL.
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Schedule ChangeJune 8th, 2004
Due to CUM disbanding, they have dropped out of BGL. DiGA is now facing RR this week (6/13) and RR does not have a Bye anymore. Sorry for any inconvienence.
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New AdminsMay 30th, 2004
I have selected 2 new Admins to BGL. I was planning on having a application process of some sort, but there were only a few people really fit for the job. The 2 new admins are KingTurd and Agent5. Remember, the Head Admin(me) always has the final say in all disputes, so although you must respect their decisions, their word is not necessarily final.

If the league expands or if the European Division ever becomes active, I may select more admins.
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Map ChangeMay 30th, 2004
The map for 6/6 and 6/13 was set to bg_forestroad because I thought BG v1.2.2 would be released by now. However, it's not released, so I changed the map to bg_valley for the next two weeks. Once BG v1.2.2 is released, bg_forestroad will definatly be used.

There really aren't any good match maps around, if anyone has suggestions or would actually want to play battlefield or ruin in a match, please reply and say so. I'm sure valley/snowlake/bridge will get old after a while.
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New ClansMay 17th, 2004
I had a few clans apply to the BGL recently. You guys need to get on #bgl on GameSurge. Check out the mIRC Help page if you have no clue what IRC is. Once you get on IRC, stick around! Just minimize the window and stay connected if I'm not there. I'll be there eventually to add you to the league. Remember, if you are a clan leader, you should be in #bgl anyways to contact other leaders Sunday nights. 
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Looking for more clans!May 2nd, 2004
With -[csm]- "unofficially disbanding" and [ax]- unable to play Sundays because of other match commitments, the BGL now only has 6 teams. If your clan is considering joining BGL, now is the time to make your move. The league won't be around much longer if we can't keep at least 8 clans active at a time. Please click the Join BGL link and sign up ASAP!
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Matches This SundayApril 29th, 2004
The Poll is all but finished and the clear winner for the night of matches is Sunday night. Get your clans together and get ready to play! |G.A.R| may or may not be participating in BGL, they will be left off the Schedule for this week.

Since we have had clans coming and going, Title Matches/Shots will be reset for now. Check the Schedule page to see who you play and get your rosters up to date!
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Childish AnticsApril 29th, 2004
I gave [13th] the win over [ax]- by forfeit because they used ringers. [13th] told me that [ax]- didn't ask for ringers, nor did they mention that [ax]- would be short. Now I find out that not only did [13th] know that [ax]- was going to be short, they also allowed them to use ringers. This is completely unacceptable behavior. I will not tolerate clans trying to fish for wins based on technicalities. If you give your word to a clan, you should keep to it. There are Rules and there are also things like sportsmanship and honor. I would suspect this is the type of thing .sB. would try to do. The BG community is small and weak. We don't need children going back on their word trying to get free wins. Guess what kiddies? Admins have the final say and [ax]-'s original win stands and [13th] loses. Because [13th] lied to my face and their dispute was knowingly wrong and a waste of my time, they recieve a Strike.
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Scheduling PollApril 26th, 2004
I have created a Poll only for Active BGL clans. Leaders, please talk with your clan and choose the day which is best and worst for BGL matches.You may only vote once. If you are considering joining the league, please apply for the league by using the Join BGL link. Then you will be able to cast your vote. If the day turns out to be bad for your clan, you may then drop out of the league before matches start again.

BGL matches are suspended until the scheduling issues are resolved
. I encourage all clans with a serious interest in playing in the BGL apply for the league and idle in #bgl on GameSurge. Hopefully the league will only take a week break before starting play again on a new night(most likely). Please act quickly. If the new day is no good, you are free to drop the league before we start playing again. But we also need 8 clans minimum, so hopefully the poll will resolve the day of the week issues between clans and all clans can participate in BGL.

One final announcement: The [ax]- vs [13th] match results have been overturned because [ax]- used 2 ringers. They may have been members of [ax]- that recently installed BG, but they were not on the official BGL roster. Therefore they are considered ringers. Clan leaders, make sure to add everyone in your clan to your roster, even if you don't think they will play. You never know.
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