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Minimum Number of ClansApril 25th, 2004
The second week of matches were marginally successful. Two clans played a man short and another clan had a member leave after the first round. Check the Results on the Match Results page.

.sB. has left the BGL, which brings the league to only 6 clans. This isn't enough to run the league properly. 8 clans are the minimum needed. If 2 more clans can't be found soon, the league will be discontinued again.
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First Week Back...April 18th, 2004
The first night of matches in many months has been completed last night. It was a pretty sad to say the least. 2 clans didn't show up at all and 1 clan left before the end of the first round. You can see the results on the Match Results page.

The future of the league looks pretty grim. I originally planned on running the league for a month and making a decision about the future of the league then, but if this happens again next week, I may just end the league after the second week.

Next week's Schedule is up. Good luck.
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Rules v4.1 UpdateApril 15th, 2004
I made 1 change and 1 addition to the Rules today.

First, the command to change the server's CFG file has been changed to:
rcon mapchangecfgfile bgl.cfg
The old command, servercfgfile, doesn't seem to work with Steam. Use mapchangecfgfile when changing your server's CFG file before a match. Secondly, I made an addition to the Rules in Section III about Spectators:
Spectators: Spectators are not allowed in BGL matches unless both clans agree to it. Of course if an admin needs to spectate in order to start a match, that is allowed, but once the match starts, the admin should drop from the server.
Good Luck to all clans this weekend!
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BGL CFGApril 13th, 2004
Please note that use of the bgl.cfg is mandatory for matches. This means you must download the bgl.cfg off the Files page and put it on your server. If for some reason you don't have FTP access to your server or something, you must make sure that you set the variables correctly manually.

1) Friendlyfire must be on:
        mp_friendlyfire 1

2) Timelimit must be 30 minutes:
        mp_timelimit 30

3) Alltalk must be OFF:
        sv_alltalk 0

4) Password must be set:
        sv_password "YOUR_PASSWD"

5) There must be an officer limit of 1
        mp_limit_light_a 1
        mp_limit_light_b 1

All other settings should be default. As you can see perhaps it is worth your trouble to put the bgl.cfg on your server. To load the bgl.cfg type:
        mapchangecfgfile bgl.cfg

After you MUST change the map for the new settings to take effect. Then, once the other team says they are ready to play, run the command:
        sv_restartround 10

And the round will restart in 10 seconds and the match begins. Also remember all players are required to record personal demos. To record demos, type:
        record demoname

Where "demoname" is any name you want it to be.. It could be "GnD-vs-cav-rouind1". Once the round is over, type stop in the console to stop recording. Be sure to remind the other team of these commands so noone forgets.

One more thing- no spectators are allowed during a match unless both clans agree. This is because spectating along with being on a 3rd party voice comm program is considering cheating. If you can get HLTV to work with BG, then feel free to use that, but no spectators. Please talk to the other team before the match to work this out.
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Schedule AvailableApril 10th, 2004
The schedule is posted. Please contact the opposing clan and discuss the match. Know what the server and the password are going to be. The best way to contact other clans is on IRC. Start in #bgl on GameSurge and check the clan's contact information on the "Clans and Rosters" page.

If you have any questions about how the league is run or how to start a match, now is the time to ask.
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BGL Matchplay Starts in a WeekApril 9th, 2004
This is a reminder that matches start next Saturday. Some clans do not have satisfactory rosters in place. 3D has no members on their roster. -[csm]- only has 1. A few others have 5 or 6. 5 or 6 is fine, but as long as those people are going to show up. Please get all your rosters in order ASAP. If you are confused or a clan leader and you don't know your clan's password, talk to me in #bgl on GameSurge.

The first schedule will be posted soon- I'm waiting on one clan so an even number of 8 are in the North American division. I may assign one of the clans a Bye, but change it later in the week if something changes. Make sure to check the website often.

I also added a very basic forum labeled "Test Forum" on the left. I coded it in an hour and in the future I will add more functionality. For now, it's good enough if you need to post/ask something if you don't have IRC or a forum account. As always, I log IPs, so if you cause trouble you will be banned :P
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Oops... Damn HolidaysApril 1st, 2004
Ok I was wrong, matches won't start on April 10th, because the 11th is Easter. Matches will start the following Saturday, the 17th. Sorry about that. Thanks to Kermit from [ax] for pointing that out to me.
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Important League InformationMarch 30th, 2004
A few important points:

1. I coded a comment system into the News pages so people can have a voice on what goes on without needing a forum account. Please use it to your advantage. I do log IP's, so if you abuse it, you will be banned from posting.

2. bg_forestroad has been removed from the map schedule for now. A lot of players experience a large FPS drop when playing in the middle bridge area of the map. Predator is going to look into it and optimize it more. When it's done, we will add it back into the map rotation.

3. Although the majority of clans prefer Monday nights for matches, a few clans have other commitments Monday nights and wouldn't be able to play. I'd rather slightly inconvenience a few clans and have 8 clans in the league rather than try to make everyone happy and only have 5 or 6 clans. Therefore, matches will be held Saturday Nights at 9pm EST for the North American division. The European Division is slowly growing, unfortunately most of the European clans haven't made the switch to Steam yet.

4. I wanted to start matches this Saturday, but I think a few clans need more time to get ready. Matches will officially start on April 10th, 2004. I will post the first schedule once the last few clans get registered with the league.

As always, check the BGL site often for updates and good luck to all clans!
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bg_forestroadMarch 25th, 2004
As you know, bg_forestroad has been broken since the release of BG v1.2.1. Predator, the maker of the map, has given the BGL a new fixed and updated version for the league. It will be played the 3rd and 4th week of matches, so be sure that everyone downloads it and all servers are updated with this new version. You can find the map on the Files page. Unzip into your Half-Life folder and overwrite the .wad file and the old bg_forestroad. Thanks Predator! :)

The day of the week that matches will be played is still undecided, but chances are it will be a Saturday or Monday- 9pm EST for NA, 8pm GMT for EU.
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BGL Reopens!March 23rd, 2004
After a long absence, The BattleGrounds League is back! Check out the Clans and Rosters page for information about all clans, past and present, and their complete match histories. Go to the Stats page for a few league records and other all-time statistics.

If your clan wants to join the BGL, just follow the Join BGL link and read the instructions to apply to play in the league. Once a sufficient number of clans apply and are accepted, the league can begin play immediately.

The night for matches is not yet decided. Click here to view the thread on the subject. If you don't want to register for an account on the forums to post, drop by #bgl on GameSurge IRC network and voice your opinion!
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