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Two NA Player BansDecember 21st, 2009
duncan/dubyah/ewok/dhiLL/etc (STEAM_0:1:23209383) and The-Rev/Spiritbreaker/iLawld/etc (STEAM_0:0:13044522) are banned from the BGL. Both of these players were linked by IP address to VAC Banned Accounts.

The BGL does not condone cheaters; Please remember this passage from the Rules:

The BGL is very concerned about the preserving the very highest standards of matchplay and sportsmanship. Any player caught hacking in any game, in or out of a match is considered a cheater and is not welcome in the BGL. This means any player hacking on a public server, hacking during a private clan practice, banned from another non-BG league, or hacking in a different game entirely is automatically banned from the BGL. Cheaters are not welcome in the BGL.
Posted by: SlashDiscuss

New Cfg/RostersNovember 30th, 2009
There is a new bgl.cfg ready for download in the files section! Click on bgl.cfg and save it to your hardrive then admins upload it to your bg2/cfg folder.  Note: You will need to open cfg in wordpad or notepad and add passwords and rcons then reupload to server.Added to the BGL config is a longer chattime and friendlyfire. The new cfg worked great with no crashes. For those of you using Sourcemod, your Adminmenu_cfgs file you can add a line "cfg/bgl.cfg" which will make it easier to execute bgl.cfg.                                                                                                  
        Rosters must be complete with 5 or more players before any clan competes in any Sunday matches.  If your Roster isn't complete you must wait another week! Schedules come out On Thursdays!!!! Any questions, Leaders find me on steam friends.
Posted by: deathDiscuss

NA meeting ResultsNovember 22nd, 2009
Meeting went well and we have enough clans to begin. All clan leaders need to make sure server cfg and bgl cfg time limit is set to 22 minutes and passwords are given to all before matches begin.
 There has been a lot of steam updates, so it might be wise to log out of steam and go to your steam folder and delete the ClientRegistry.blob file then restart steam and let it update. All rosters must be complete before the second week of matches for all returning clans. Any Clan leaders moving players from roster to roster after that must wait two weeks before that player can play in a match. Any new clans must have 5 players ready to go and on there roster before there first match! All other bgl rules apply as written!  If any clan would like to join the BGL please click the link below  and submit a APP and include steam name!!  All matches begin  Nov 29th at 9 PM Eastern .Good luck and have fun NA! In four weeks we will meet again to discuss next series of maps and we hope will include ctf maps.
Posted by: deathDiscuss

NA BGL BeginsNovember 18th, 2009
This Sunday November 22nd at 9 eastern time, there will be a Final meeting to discuss The NA BGL Division starting back up. The Meeting will require all New and Current Clan leaders. We will discuss using stock config and new bgl.cfg that has been updated. Any new clans already submitted applications should be present. If enough clans are signed, we will begin November 29th..

Posted by: deathDiscuss

NA MEETING 10/5/09September 29th, 2009
Well a few clans have shown interest in getting NA bgl rolling again. So Monday October 5th 8 pm central, 9 Eastern, CLAN Leaders will meet in the SS server for a meeting to see if we have enough to resume Sunday night Battles. So plz pass the word !!! 
Posted by: deathDiscuss

BGL Eu Division downSeptember 14th, 2009
I hope everyone has enjoyed playing in the division. Unfortunately during the last 3 weeks 80% of the matches were forfeits and last sunday every game was a forfeit. Maybe the situation will get better when the next version will be released. If you want to talk about anything concerning the league, you can contact me in irc/steam/with a forum pm.
Posted by: HachimanDiscuss

Steam group for BGL EU ContactsJuly 13th, 2009
I created a new steam community group which is only for BGL EU Division Contacs. The BGL group is too big, so it's not possible to send messages there etc. I want to keep this group as small as possible, so each clan should have about 2 players (leaders/match arrangers or who ever deals with the match and bgl stuff) in the group. The contact info is probably old for some clans on the site so PM me the steam profiles of the people I should invite.
Posted by: HachimanDiscuss

bg_pillageJune 10th, 2009
Do to the fact some bugs have come up after scrimming on bg_pillage the map will be changed to bg_plateau and will not be aloud in NA play until they are fixed. Any Questions contact Hero of the Dynasty clan for the finds or wait for someone to post here.
Posted by: deathDiscuss

NA Map SelectionMay 31st, 2009
The NA division will have there map selection meeting Monday night June 1st at  9:00 PM eastern  Time in the SS server. Again this is for Team Leaders and # 2 contacts only. The next 4 weeks of maps will be selected. If there is any new maps that are not on BGL site that need to be added , Have them ready for testing. Meeting will last one hr. TY
Posted by: deathDiscuss

BGL Config v0.3.0May 27th, 2009
A new version of bgl.cfg is available on the Files page. Please install this on your servers before matches this Sunday.

There is now one configuration file for both NA and EU divisions. The only difference between them previously was the timelimit (20 for EU, 30 for NA), but now both divisions use the same match length (20 minutes).

The other significant change in this version is the addition of some network-related commands and the tweaking of existing ones.
Posted by: SlashDiscuss

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