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BGL SpeedsNovember 18th, 2008
Ok Im tired of the crying  about the speeds of the bgl. First let me explain some things. BGL will not alter gameplay according to the default cfg file the mod comes with. When bg2Alt was running in the old HLDM it was the default. Now we dont have alt but some have altered there servers to make it look like there trying to run Speeds like alt. This is fine and I have no problems with it. I do have a problem with being harrassed to change speeds in the BGL. Now when ALT was in HLDM did we allow weaponpickup, no because that is a cheat but was fun for pubbing. Its the same here and I don't care if American servers are running it. To me it looks like crickets jumping around and it looks funny. We either play on or shut it down or fine someone else to run it because frankly Im getting fed up with it. For the Euros reading this, it is sv_sidespeed 1.0 and sv_backspeed 1.0 that will change speeds. I would like to here from Euro server hosts on this issue!!
Posted by: deathDiscuss

NA Returns 11/9/08November 4th, 2008
This Sunday the NA division Returns to the BGL. Server Admins need to install the new server cfg file for the NA division on there servers before Sunday. File is located under Files and is called bgl-na.cfg.

Posted by: deathDiscuss

NA Division SuspendedOctober 22nd, 2008
The American league is suspended until the next release of battlegrounds 2. I will email all commanders asking them if they are still interested at that time.
Posted by: deathDiscuss

Many Player BansOctober 20th, 2008
Unfortunately it has come to my attention that many cheaters are currently rostered in BGL. Please note this section in the Rules that was added in 2006:

Non-League Time Behavior:
The BGL is very concerned about the preserving the very highest standards of matchplay and sportsmanship. Any player caught hacking in any game, in or out of a match is considered a cheater and is not welcome in the BGL. This means any player hacking on a public server, hacking during a private clan practice, banned from another non-BG league, or hacking in a different game entirely is automatically banned from the BGL. Cheaters are not welcome in the BGL.

This means that if your Steam account is VAC banned, you aren't welcome in the BGL. Therefore, the following people are banned from the BGL:

Players on Active Clans:
[S.S.] - Rhino (STEAM_0:0:9395951)
[ G.o.W ] - Rieska (STEAM_0:0:459538)
[MP] - TWIST (STEAM_0:1:646484)
[S.S.] - KILROY (STEAM_0:0:15331528)
[MP] - KevisaZombie (STEAM_0:0:3894321)
[MP] - papercut (STEAM_0:0:1646676)
La.Familia ' - Hudas (STEAM_0:0:11798366)

Players on Inactive Clans:
]:RR:[ [K] - Nighthawk (STEAM_0:0:808020)
]:RR:[ [K] - Towne (STEAM_0:0:831120)
<R@> - Abnormality (STEAM_0:1:9062243)
G.R.I. - SkilzZ (STEAM_0:0:4460204)
r@ - Komeski (STEAM_0:0:7550149)
n0 reActi0n | - Gerrit (STEAM_0:0:4810553)
G.R.I. - ChaosICe (STEAM_0:1:6292130)
]:RR:[ [K] - Trevy Cakes (STEAM_0:0:3551170)
[Co2] - EmegaZ (STEAM_0:1:5597837)
n0 reActi0n | - SkiZe (STEAM_0:1:14025548)
]:RR:[ [K] - DareDevil (STEAM_0:0:1566042)
Posted by: SlashDiscuss

Rules Update v5.1October 18th, 2008
The Rules have been reworked for BG2. A lot of BG1-specific rules and references to BG1 have been removed. The only rule added is the requirement of running VAC on the match server. 
Posted by: SlashDiscuss

BGSE RelaunchedOctober 18th, 2008
The BattleGrounds Stock Exchange (BGSE) is a BattleGrounds site that tracks all league matches between clans and assigns them a "stock" value. This value goes up and down when clans win or lose matches- the amount is based on various factors (see the about page for more info). BGSE doesn't only track BGL matches, it tracks all matches from any BattleGrounds league. Over time, BGSE intends to rank clans better than a simple win/loss record in a league can.

BGSE has historically only worked with 1 game- BG1. I have done some work over the past week with getting it to work for any number of games and entered all the BGL and RBL BG2 matches. If anyone has results from any other BG2 leagues that you'd like to see added, please respond to this post with the information.

Active BG2 Stocks
All BG2 Stocks
BG2 Matches Per League
Final BG1 Rankings (Unless another league starts :)
Posted by: SlashDiscuss

BGL EU Division Starts Sunday, September 21stSeptember 16th, 2008
The first BGL EU Division BG2 schedule has been posted.

The bgl.cfg on the site is for the NA Division only, there will be a EU version soon.

Currently there's no separate map cycle for the divisions, but this might change in the future. Remember, if both clans in the match don't want to play the map for the current week, you can always agree to play another map. If you choose to play another map, please remember to inform the admins about it.

Contact Hachiman if you have any questions.
Posted by: HachimanDiscuss

NA ReturnsSeptember 15th, 2008
Two new clans have joined and the NA division is back up.
Posted by: deathDiscuss

American BGL SuspendedSeptember 1st, 2008
Due to clans AP and SS going inactive, the BGL is suspended until more join. The BGL can not operate with 4 clans. If any American or Euro Clans would like to join plz submit a app and a Email or Steam Friends contact and I will get back to you ASAP.
Posted by: deathDiscuss

Player SuspensionJuly 30th, 2008
AP vs MP match held Sunday results in Player Suspension. Demon Child of MP Steam Id _0:1:15423038 Will be suspended for two weeks Following Demo submitted By AP clearly showing him DOOR Blocking and Not producing a DEMO. AP will Forfeit the Match after they were found in Violation Of not using the BGL.cfg file. Under IV.Servers and Settings
Posted by: deathDiscuss

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