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BGL NA Division Starts Sunday, July 6thJuly 1st, 2008
7 clans have registered for the North American division and the first schedule as been made. Matches will begin on July 6th on bg_mvalley at 9pm EST. Please make sure your server uses the bgl.cfg file on the files page. Contact the NA division admin, DEATH if you have any questions.
Posted by: SlashDiscuss

BGL and BattleGrounds 2June 25th, 2008
The BGL is now accepting applications from clans for BattleGrounds 2 (BG2) play. BGL will no longer have league matches for BattleGrounds 1 (BG1). Please go to the join page and fill out an application if you're interested.

The league will be split into 2 divsions again- North American (NA) and European (EU). The NA division will be administered by DEATH from clan +]3D[+. The EU division will continue to be administered by Hachiman.

The Rules will remain mostly identical to how they are set up now. There of course will be a new server configuration file, which is still being finalized. Another important note is that the NA division will be using the BG2 ALT patch- which can be found here- but the EU division will use the stock BG2 game.

I will post more information when it becomes available.
Posted by: SlashDiscuss

Player SuspensionSeptember 25th, 2007
TmKoH did not record demos in the match [ G.o.W ] vs +]3D[+ this week. He will be suspended from BGL matches for 2 weeks for being unable to show demos for the match. The next match he will be legally  be able to play in is October 14th 2007.
Posted by: HachimanDiscuss

x6 vs G.o.W, Sunday September 16, 2007September 22nd, 2007
During this match, Commander James altered the team scores with remote console commands. He is banned from the league and x6 forfeits the match.

Name: Commander James
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:11911310
Posted by: HachimanDiscuss

Steam CommunitySeptember 20th, 2007
Posted by: SlashDiscuss

BGL EU Division ActiveAugust 11th, 2007
The BGL European division is now active again. Contact Hachiman in #bgl on QuakeNet to join. 
Posted by: SlashDiscuss

Both Divisions InactiveMarch 22nd, 2007
Both BGL divisions are inactive until further notice. 
Posted by: SlashDiscuss

Player SuspensionFebruary 21st, 2007
*Co2 player zomg was not able to provide a demo from matches on Sunday, February 18th. zomg (STEAM_0:1:3471851) is suspended from matchplay for 1 week.
Posted by: SlashDiscuss

NA Schedule NoteDecember 13th, 2006
Co2*eoL has gone inactive and +]3D[+OMG (title shot winner) is left without anyone to play for the title match. Therefore, +]3D[+OMG will have a bye this week (12/17) and play the winner of -_^DBC^_- vs +]3D[+WTF the next week of matches for the title (which will be after the holidays).

Thank you.
Posted by: SlashDiscuss

bg_shipload_bglDecember 3rd, 2006
A new fixed version of bg_shipload has been released.

As there's not much time until this week's matches begin, it will be obligatory to use the new version of the map next week. So you can still play the old version this week if you are unable to upload the new version in time. Remember not to go in the water and not to go into the secret room if you play the old version.

Thanks go to Grantelbart for the fix!
Posted by: HachimanDiscuss

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