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bg_shiploadDecember 2nd, 2006
If you go into the water, you will die like in bg_newengland. There's a possibility that the server will crash if you die in the water, so it is forbidden to go into the water. If the server crashes, there will be consequences for you and your clan.

The map also has a secret room which is accessible by jumping on the wall at the hole in the wall next to the water. When you jump on the wall, you will get teleported to a room which has two easter egg images. When you run to the other end of the room, you will get teleported on top of the well near the church. It is forbidden to go into the secret room. If you go in there, your clan will forfeit the match and there may be other consequences.

There will possibly be a fixed version of this map in the future.
Posted by: HachimanDiscuss

Rules Update v5.0December 1st, 2006
By popular demand, I have made a change to the rules. Previously, you could change any rule or match setting if both clans agreed to the change, except in the case of multi-clanners, which were never allowed. Now that exception has been removed and if both clans wish, they can use any player they want, even if they are on another roster. Keep in mind that if you don't like this, you can simply refuse the other clan's request.

Note that this change doesn't effect the players currently suspended for ringing.
Posted by: SlashDiscuss

Player SuspensionsNovember 27th, 2006
Name: Commander James
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:11911310

Commander James did not record demos in the match [ G.o.W ] vs [Co2] ^Africa this week. There has also been several complaints about his bad behavior in matches. This bad behavior continued in this match also. He will be suspended from BGL matches for the remaining year for being unable to show demos for the match. The next match he will be legally  be able to play in is in the year 2007.

Name: Alatriste
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:2651788/STEAM_0:0:2651804

Alatriste played in the DPW-|- vs -[TRR]- match this week- but he isn't on the roster of either of those clans. He is on the roster of <FF>. He will be suspended from BGL matches for 2 weeks for multiclanning. The next match he will be legally be able to play in is on December 17th 2006.

-[TRR]- will be given a strike for allowing this player to illegally play for their clan. It's every clan's responsibility to make sure the people playing on your team are on your clan's roster and not someone else's.
Posted by: HachimanDiscuss

Clan nP Matches Overturned, 2 Players BannedOctober 24th, 2006
After reviewing the evidence in the nP vs GoW match this past Sunday, the admins have decided that 2 players from nP used a cheat. nP ! TePe and  np ! sCratch both used a hack which allowed them to have long bayonets and presumably accidentally revealed their existence during their match with GoW. If you would like to see videos of the cheat in action during the match, you can download a zip file of them both here.

Because nP plays from a internet cafe, it makes it a bit more interesting. Although there is no direct proof that other members in nP knew about these hacks or used them, the BGL cannot trust the integrity of the internet cafe any longer. All matches in which TePe or sCratch played will be overturned and ruled a forfeit win for the other clan. But because the internet cafe has no integrity, we cannot trust the validity of the results even if they did not play. Therefore, all nP matches will be overturned and ruled forfeits. nP will also be removed from the league.

TePe and sCratch are both banned from BGL. The internet cafe nP played from is banned from BGL. No clans will be allowed to play from any internet cafe from now on. It is too difficult for the league to keep track of players if they are all sharing the same IPs and SteamIDs. The IPs of the internet cafe:,, and any other IP from that internet cafe will not be allowed in BGL.

Please allow some time for the league to adjust and change all the past results. This confuses who should have the BGL title and what the past matchups should have been. There is no perfect way to resolve this, so any title matches against nP will be counted as a title win, but GoW will hold the current BGL EU title now since they were the last to play nP.
Posted by: SlashDiscuss

BGL EU Match ReschedulingOctober 2nd, 2006
Because of Steam problems, DPW and co2 will play again for the title shot next week, October 8th. RR has left the EU division, leaving an uneven number of teams. Instead of picking an arbitrary opponent for nP this coming week for a title match, nP will receive a bye and then play the winner of DPW vs co2 for the title the following week, October 15th.
Posted by: SlashDiscuss

BGL NA Matches Postponed A WeekOctober 2nd, 2006
All matches that were scheduled for October 1st in the NA division have been moved to October 8th because of total Steam failure. The matchups are all the same, however, matches will be on the next map in the map rotation, bg_newengland_bgl. 
Posted by: SlashDiscuss

BGL Config Updated to Version 1.0September 27th, 2006
The bgl.cfg has been updated. Please update your servers. You can download it from the Files page. Log Detail has been reduced to the original default setting. In addition, a few network settings have been changed (min/max rate/updaterate).
Posted by: SlashDiscuss

bg_ticonderoga and CannonsSeptember 24th, 2006
For now, do not use any cannons on any maps during BGL matches. Some have reported that it does not crash servers, but I don't want to take any chances. There should be an official BG patch coming out in the near future which will fix a lot of bugs, including all the crashing bugs. When that patch is released, clans will be able to use cannons again. 
Posted by: SlashDiscuss

NA Schedule ChangeSeptember 19th, 2006
Just wanted to make a news post to inform everyone the NA schedule has been modified since I originally posted it. {BoTH} went inactive and the matchups had to be shuffled around (although the title match is still the same).

Thank you.
Posted by: SlashDiscuss

bg_saratoga NotesSeptember 16th, 2006
A common question is if it's legal to kill yourself while defending the fort on saratoga to respawn with full health for the following attack. The answer is yes. The mapper should have made the respawn timer longer so this wasn't advantageous- And there is nothing wrong with using the "kill" command. This technique is common in any attack/defend game, assuming you respawn in time for the next wave of attackers.

Another question is if it's legal to disconnect and then reconnect to the server as attackers in order to re-capture the first two flags over and over to rack up points. The answer is no. This is more of a bug and exploitation of the map. Once you capture flags, they should not become uncaptured until you capture them all.

Thank you for your comprehension.
Posted by: SlashDiscuss

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