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New Demo Request RuleSeptember 3rd, 2006
Effective immediately, we will allow clans to request one demo from one player of their choice from the enemy clan if they choose to after a match.

Requests for demos should take place as soon as possible after the match (the same night of the match) and the demo should be presented within 24 hours of the request. Requests should only be made by clan contacts to the other clan's contacts. Clan contacts are responsible for this exchange. They must contact the other clan's contacts, request the demo, and also retrieve the other clan's demo request. Normal members of a clan should not be sending/receiving demos from the other clan. If an unknown member contacts you and demands your demo, please verify their authenticity with your clan leaders or contacts before sending. Or refer them to your clan contact.

You do not need to request a demo from the opposing clan. If you don't have any suspicions of the enemy clan after a match, then you don't have to request a demo. If you do, then it is your right to ask and receive one demo from a player and round of your choice. Demos should be compressed with WinZip or similar, as demos compress very well.

During this exchange, admins need not be involved in any capacity unless a clan refuses to present a requested demo within 24 hours. This system offers multiple benefits. Clans can do investigative work themselves without getting admins involved and only cause a small amount of inconvenience to other clans. If you have a suspicion of unfair play or cheating, you can make sure yourself before getting the league involved. In addition, it will remind everyone to record demos, as the enemy team could ask for any player's demo after the match.
Posted by: SlashDiscuss

bgl.cfg UpdateAugust 21st, 2006
There has been an update to the bgl.cfg file. Everything has been cleaned up, the remote log address has been changed, and more settings were added to make the config more complete. In addition, it does "mapchangecfgfile bgl.cfg" for you, so you only need to "exec bgl.cfg" from now on. Get the updated bgl.cfg file from the Files page.

Please update your servers immediately, this new config file is required for matches this Sunday.
Posted by: SlashDiscuss

bg_battlefield, Rule UpdatesAugust 8th, 2006
The upcoming map for the next two weeks is bg_battlefield. Because the use of the cannons could cause servers to crash, the use of cannons is prohibited. If you are the accident prone type, I suggest you unbind your "+use" key now, because if you use the cannon during the match and crash the server, there will be consequences for you and your clan.

Next, there has been a Rules update. Historically speaking, the NA and EU communities and divisions have been functionally separate, with the exception of NCBG last year. Therefore, after discussion, it has been decided that players may play in other divisions besides their own, as the NA and EU division are, in a sense, treated as two different games. So if you wish, you could play for an NA and an EU clan. You will have to deal with the time differences and lag, though.

Please note that this doesn't mean multi-clanning rules are out the window. You can only play in one NA clan and one EU clan- Even if you have multiple SteamIDs. If you are found on more than one clan in the same division, but with different SteamIDs, you are multi-clanning. On each clan's roster page, you can click on a player's SteamID to research the player on BG Tracker. If you find a player with multiple SteamIDs and multiclanning, please inform an admin.
Posted by: SlashDiscuss

EU Division ActiveAugust 2nd, 2006
The European division is now active. More clans are needed for the division. If you have a clan and want to join, be sure to fill out the join form and talk to Hachiman
Posted by: SlashDiscuss

BG 1.0F Exploit Rules ClarificationJuly 26th, 2006
Please note that any of the new exploits which are possible in BG 1.0F are illegal under the BGL's Bugs and Exploits rules. Which include, but are not limited to, using anything other than default models and using suicide or trigger hurts to crash the server. For more information on BG 1.0F exploits, please see this thread. Anyone using these in a match will face penalties on themselves and their clan.

bg_snowlake, the current map, doesn't have many entities which could crash the server, so hopefully we will not run into problems. In regards to maps with entities that crash the server (cannons, other +use key entities), the BGL may have to ban the use of the +use command during matches and simply not play some maps at all in matchs. Please check the news often for updates.
Posted by: SlashDiscuss

NA Division Starts Next WeekJuly 23rd, 2006
The North American division now has 6 clans and matches will begin next Sunday, July 23rd. If 2 more clans join by Wednesday, they will be scheduled to play on Sunday as well. 

The European division is still looking for more clans before matchplay begins.
Posted by: SlashDiscuss

BG 1.0F Released!July 4th, 2006
The Battle Grounds dev team has released BG 1.0F for this 4th of July holiday. For more information and downloads, please visit The Battle Grounds website.

Currently, both NA and EU divisions are inactive. However, if enough clans are interested, the league will start again and use BG 1.0F for matches. Please upgrade as soon as possible. All clans interested in playing in the BGL, please contact your division admin or submit a clan application. BGL will assume that your clan is inactive unless you submit an application or talk to an admin.
Posted by: SlashDiscuss

NA Division Active and New CFGJanuary 8th, 2006
The North American Division will resume matches on Sunday, January 15th 2006. Clans interested in playing should talk to myself or CrazyManiac by Tuesday night if you want to be scheduled for this week. Clans on the Rankings page are considered active and ready to play. If this is not correct, please contact us.

The bgl.cfg has been updated, please get it from the Files page and update your servers. The only change is in the maxrate setting.
Posted by: SlashDiscuss

Forums, Rules, and BansOctober 12th, 2005
You probably notice some changes with the BGL site. First, the Quickie Forums are gone. We will use the forums hosted on for BGL discussion from now on. You will need to read the forum rules and register for an account if you don't already have one. Next, on-site news comments will be removed. The news system will automatically post to the new forums and a link provided to where you can comment on the news. The PredictionsBot will also post in the new forums.

There is also a Rules update. There are only a few minor changes which won't effect the majority of people in the league. From now on, all clan's rosters need to have the real alias of the player being added. Also, all players must wear their clan tag and use their alias in matches. This is not a rule to get technical forfeits. It's to encourage sportsmanlike play and stop the childish behavior on the part of some players. Obviously, aliases are just that- aliases. They could change overnight if the player wanted to. However, we all know what everyone else's "real" alias is, and admins will have the final say when it comes to this. Players or clans trying to purposely circumvent these new rules will be dealt with in the same manner as a player or clan who breaks any other rule.

Lastly, STEAM_0:1:1595925, STEAM_0:0:4816937, and STEAM_0:1:132245 will be unbanned from the league on October 17th, 2005. These are Agent5's known SteamIDs and his ban will expire 1 year after his initial ban. This is because it was a non-game hacking offense; all other hacking bans are in place indefinitely. Most of the IP bans on the site itself have been lifted, as there is no way to comment on the site anymore.
Posted by: SlashDiscuss

Both Divisions Active AgainSeptember 7th, 2005
Both NA and EU divisions are active again. Schedules are posted for this Sunday. There are less clans than what we would normally like to see in both divisions, however we are anticipating the BG1.0F release. It is better to integrate the new clans that will pop up as they come, rather than have a bunch of new clans and the league itself starting up all at once. This week's map is bg_lexington, which can be found in the Official BG Mappack
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