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Upcoming Custom MapsJune 28th, 2005
The next 5 maps on the Schedule are all custom maps. Make sure your players and your servers have these maps ready to go.

bg_bridge, bg_convoy, and bg_virginia are available on the Files page.

bg_ticonderoga and bg_forestroad are available in the official BG Mappack, available on the Game Files page. Note that forestroad is the fixed version of the map, not the version that comes with the default installer.
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NA Division and NCBG Bye WeeksMay 27th, 2005
The North American Division will become Active again next week now that the division has 8 clans. NA clans should be prepared to play on June 5th.

If you have checked the schedule, you will see that there are Bye weeks for the 12th and 19th of June. This is because many BGL players will be playing in The Nation's Cup of BattleGrounds. Matches will resume as normal in both divisions the week following NCBG on June 26th.

Update: I'd like to remind the NA players that BGL has a channel on QuakeNet that you can contact other clans in since GameSurge is still being attacked. #bgl .
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Nation's Cup of BattleGrounds OpensMay 7th, 2005
I have started the Nation's Cup of BattleGrounds. Teams are made from the best players from every country and the NCBG is a tournament to find out which country is the best at BG. Matches will be 4v4 and we need at least 12 countries represented to get this off the ground.

The whole tournament would take place over the course of 2 or 3 full weekends. You must be available on weekends to play the matches. Specific times and dates will be determined later. The site is basic for now, but there is enough there so you can sign up and we can figure out how many people are interested and from which countries they are from. Please sign up if you are interested. Each player who wants to be in NCBG must sign up on the site and make their own account.

Nation's Cup of BattleGrounds Site

Discussion Threads: Forums
BGL Forums
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BGL.cfg UpdateMay 3rd, 2005
There is a slight change with the BGL.cfg file. The remote logging IP has changed, so make sure you get the new BGL.cfg file from the Files page. That is the only change.

This also means the logging IP for the BG Tracker has changed as well. So if your server was sending data to the BG Tracker, make sure you update your server CFG file accordingly. You can find more specific information on the Tracker's About page.

Update: Since I first posted this the address has changed again. It is now It shouldn't have to be updated again after this, as can just point to a new IP if the IP ever changes again. 
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Player SuspensionMarch 6th, 2005
Name: McCartney
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:1752472

McCarney played in the [LuF] vs So][ match this week- but he isn't on the roster of either of those clans. He is on the roster of [Independence]. He will be suspended from BGL matches for 2 weeks for multiclanning. The next match he will be legally be able to play in is on March 27th, 2005.

[LuF] will be given a strike for allowing this player to illegally play for their clan. It's every clan's responsibility to make sure the people playing on your team are on your clan's roster and not someone else's.
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BG Tracker OpensFebruary 19th, 2005
The BattleGrounds Tracker is now open. It tracks thousands of players that play BG- Their aliases, SteamID's, and IP's. Read more about it here. Server admins are asked to add the following 2 lines to their server.cfg if they wish to help out the project:

log on
logaddress_add 5555

The tracker updates it's database with new information from servers daily. All BGL information collected over the past couple months has been added already.

In other news, the North American Division is still inactive until there are 8 clans ready to play.
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PredictionsBot Lives!January 25th, 2005
I wrote a program to make Predictions based on the current week's matchups. The Predictions will be posted automatically every week after the Schedule is made on the Predictions Sub-Forum. Go there and contribute to the threads, but be warned that flaming is not allowed. The PredictionsBot chooses the winner based on numerous factors, including BGL Rank, BGSE Stock Value, and Clan vs Clan history.
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Map ReminderJanuary 9th, 2005
The map for the next two weeks is bg_newengland_bgl. It is a modified version of bg_newengland. If a situation arises where clans cannot find a server with the map on it, bg_newengland will be an acceptable replacement. You can get the map on the Files page.

The EU Division has 7 clans right now, with a few applications that need to be sorted out. If more clans join within the next few days, the Schedule may be changed so [LuF] does not have a Bye.
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Player SuspensionDecember 28th, 2004
During round 2 in the +]3D[+OMG vs Pirate match on December 19th a player used an AdminMod command to kick everyone from the server. This is obviously against the Rules, unsportsmanlike, and childish. The player's information is as follows:

Name: Blah
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:227911

Note that multiple offences will result a permanent ban. This player will be suspended for three weeks. The next match he will be legally be able to play in is matches on January 23rd, 2005.

Taking into consideration more than 1 player is playing from this IP, special provisions must be set. Therefore, only STEAM_0:1:260839 will be allowed to play from this IP during the course of the suspension. Any other STEAMID from this IP will be considered to be the suspended player and that player will be banned from the league permanently. 
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New North American AdminDecember 27th, 2004
Crazy Maniac is the new North American Division Admin. He will assist in operating the NA Division. Note he is the only NA Admin right now, all other inactive admins have been removed from the Staff. He will start out getting new clans set up in the league and his duties will increase over time.

In other news, a new Schedule has been posted for this coming Sunday. If you haven't gotten the new BGL.cfg already, get it on your server as soon as possible. You can find the new cfg on the Files page. If your server doesn't have the new cfg file, your server cannot be used for BGL matches (unless no other servers are available).
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