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New IRC ChannelDecember 24th, 2004
BGL now has an official channel on QuakeNet, #bgl. This will primarily be used for EU clans, as much of the European gaming community is on QuakeNet. GameSurge can be used for either division, but I expect most of the usage to come from North American players.

Admins will be available on both GameSurge and QuakeNet in #bgl from now on. This is the best place to get in touch with other clan leaders for setting up matches, so as usual, be available on IRC near match time. 
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New BGL.cfg AvailableDecember 21st, 2004
There is a new version of the league configuration file available on the Files page.

All clans are required to download it and place it on their servers.

Be sure to read the comments at the top of the file for more information on how to correctly set the CFG file for matches. This version of the CFG added remote logging to a BGL server and fixed some obsolete commands. There are no matches this week because of the holidays, so there is more than enough time to get the new CFG on your servers. No excuses :)
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Optional Remote Logging TestDecember 16th, 2004
I have developed a program to receive logs from game servers. This will not interfere with any local logging on the server or any other remote logging programs you may be running. Eventually, this will be added to the official bgl.cfg file. However, I need to subject it to more rigorous testing before it's official. If you want to help out, just make sure these two lines are in your bgl.cfg file on your server:

logaddress_add 6666
log on

Once this is on all match servers, resolving disputes will happen much more quickly, league admins will be able to tell immediately if clans were using ringers or multi-clanners, and I will be able to develop automatic log parsing which can be used in individual statistics and rankings. For example I could keep track of a player's kills/deaths with what weapons on which team over the course of all BGL matches.
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NA Schedule ChangeDecember 14th, 2004
An 8th clan joined so I changed the North American Schedule slightly. //GaR// now plays the new clan, [PRINCESS], and ^FM^| plays +]3D[+WTF.
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BGL North American Admin WantedDecember 13th, 2004
I need an admin to handle some of the duties in the North American division. First, you will start off doing clan relations, such as interviewing new clans, contacting clan leaders, and chasing people around and telling them to get on IRC. Over time you will be taught to handle all the duties of the division, such as making the Schedule and handling disputes.

Interested applicants must display a certain level of maturity- uncommon in BG, I know. Knowledge of clans and typical league operations is a plus, so past experience actually playing in the league is preferred. If you aren't in a clan presently it will be beneficial, but its ok if you are playing in one. Applicants should have a strong grasp of the Rules, critical thinking skills, and the ability to look at a situation from a perspective to make a decision. Most importantly, you should realize you would be a representative of the league no matter what you do and act proper... and stuff.

If you are interested, send me an email with the following information: Nickname(Alias), age, how long you have been playing BG or involved in the BG community, clan/BG experience, BGL experience, and why you feel you would be a good admin.
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NA Division Active AgainDecember 2nd, 2004
There are now 8 clans in the North American division and matches will start up again on December 12th. A Schedule will be posted Sunday night or Monday.Make sure all your rosters are up to date. Any other clans considering joining should apply ASAP.

It is imperative that clans applying and clans already in the league make frequent visits to the IRC channel #bgl on GameSurge. For one, you need to be there so you can talk to an admin about getting set up in the league. I am not going to chase people around on various messaging clients and sending emails all over the place. You must be on IRC if you want to be in the league. Then once you are in, its the only reliable method for contacting other clan leaders and exchanging server information and match specifics. If you clan doesn't have a server, you should really be in there daily to make sure the opposing clan has a server. If not, then you'll have to figure something out, ask around in #bgl and see if anyone can let you borrow their server at an earlier time. Remember, all matches must be completed by Sunday night, so if you need to reschedule, do it beforehand.

Of course it's even better if you idle in the channel 24/7. You could use the Java client on this site, but if you are frequently using IRC you should get your own client, like mIRC or XChat.
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Match Results Overturned - Player SuspensionNovember 14th, 2004
-[-SeR-]- was caught using a multi-clanner in their match against [ G.o.W ]. The match will now be counted as a forfeit win for [ G.o.W ], -[-SeR-]- will receive a strike, and the player in question will be suspended from the league for 2 weeks in accordance with the Rules. The player's information is as follows:

Name: Spec-Ops
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:1623188

 Note that multiple offences will result a permanent ban. If -[-SeR-]- is caught knowing about or actively allowing this to happen again, they will be removed from the league.

Update: There was a mistake. The IP I listed before was wrong. This one is correct. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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North American DivisionNovember 3rd, 2004
The North American Division will not have any Schedule made for it until at least 8 clans have joined. Right now there are 5 clans, 3 more are needed, but the more the better. It's likely a few clans will always leave after a few weeks of participation, so if I continue to make Schedules with 6 clans, we will be back to 4 or 5 clans after each week in an endless cycle. If you're a serious BG clan looking for competitive matchplay, now is a great time to join the BGL.

The good news is that the European Division is going strong and its future looks very good, with more European servers than ever before.
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RemindersOctober 24th, 2004
Next Week's Map:
Next week's map will be bg_newengland_bgl which can be found on the Files page. If your server doesn't have it by match time or there are problems, you may play bg_newengland as a replacement. If only one server has the map and working correctly, both rounds must be played on that server. You cannot play one round on bg_newengland_bgl and one round on bg_newengland. Make sure if you are a player you also download and install the map as well.

Timeleft and sv_restartround:
When you execute sv_restart round, it resets the mp_timelimit to default (in BGL's case, 30). This is good. This means you can wait as long as you want on the server and whenever you are ready, do sv_restartround, and the timelimit will be set back to 30. There is a problem, however. The "timeleft" command does not get reset in the same way. Therefore, the timeleft command is incorrect. For example, if you wait 20 minutes to start the match, then sv_restartround and play to the end, the match will be 30 minutes long, but timeleft will say "-20 remaining". Pay no attention to "timeleft". There is no reason to change the map and set mp_timelimit to 31. If you set the mp_timelimit to 31, your match will be 31 minutes long. This is wrong.

BGL Configuration File:
The bgl.cfg must be on the server in order to run it. You cannot run the cfg file from your computer. Someone with FTP access must place it on the server before it can be run. Make sure it is edited in a text editor before uploading to the server. Make sure the password is set to something you like. Then you are ready to use it for a match. In order to correctly do this, run the following commands:
    rcon mapchangecfgfile bgl.cfg
This tells the server to use the bgl.cfg next time the map changes. Next, change the level to the correct map for the match.
    rcon changelevel bg_newengland_bgl
Now the server is on the correct map and is running the correct cfg file. Wait until the other clan is ready. When they are ready to play, use sv_restartround as usual. I would recommend:
    rcon sv_restartround 1
    rcon sv_restartround 1
    rcon sv_restartround 10
This will get everyone's attention and ready for the start of the round. Remember, timeleft is wrong, it doesn't matter how long you wait to sv_restartround. You can do it whenever you please. Pay no attention to adminmod/amx/etc "countdowns" and the "timeleft" commands. They are all incorrect. The match will be 30 minutes, don't worry. After the match, you should set the cfg file back to it's original.
    rcon mapchangecfgfile server.cfg
Then change the map and your server will be back to normal. If your server is using another custom cfg file, replace that with server.cfg in the previoud command and change the map.

The BattleGrounds Stock Exchange (BGSE) is something I made to track All BG league matches and rank clans accordingly. I have recently worked on it and added more stats and changed the design. You can find it here: For more information on how the points system works, please read the About page.
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Next Week's ScheduleOctober 19th, 2004
The Schedule for next week has been posted. For those players that are new to BGL, I will explain scheduled Bye weeks. Of course, Bye week means you are not scheduled to play anyone. This is usually done when there are an odd number of clans in the division. The clan that is chosen is a losing clan from the week before that may have not gotten a Bye in a long time, doesn't fit into the Schedule as well as the other clans, or an older clan may be picked for a Bye over a newer clan who hasn't played many matches.

More importantly, everyone should know that if a new clan joins the league before matches, the Schedule may be changed and the newly joined clan will play against the clan that had a Bye. If the new clan joins the league before or on Wednesday, the Schedule will be changed accordingly. If the new clan joins Thursday or later, the clan with a Bye will be contacted to see if a match would be possible. Otherwise, both clans will get a Bye for that week.

In summary, if you have a Bye, expect to possibly be scheduled for a match if another new clan joins. However, if on Thursday or later you are still listed as a Bye, then you will definately have a Bye unless we discuss otherwise.
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