Match Results

Sun, January 8, 2006

European Division
Title Match:
[Independence] vs NWO
bg_newengland bgl
[Independence] over NWO (FORFEIT)
Title Shot:
[ G.o.W ] vs |sC|
bg_newengland bgl
|sC| over [ G.o.W ] (2880 - 2355)
Be Blue ! vs La.Familia '
bg_newengland bgl
Be Blue ! over La.Familia ' (2425 - 2165)
{NS} vs G.R.I.
bg_newengland bgl
G.R.I. over {NS} (2935 - 2160)
n0 reActi0n | vs |SoD|
bg_newengland bgl
|SoD| over n0 reActi0n | (9485 - 785)

[Independence] over NWO
Well, we started trying to contact NWO before 20.00, but they weren't in IRC... Tony (NWO's leader) was in MSN, but had his Away-mode activated and wasn't answering...
We waited until 20.15 as the rules say and as I'm writing this (20.17) we have not heard anything from NWO.

|sC| over [ G.o.W ]
We started as Americans and as expected we had a very bad start, but we got better and better until the end of the first round.
On thr british side, we were able to dominate the match and striked back. A great match GoW =)

Be Blue ! over La.Familia '
gg La.Familia, close match at the end.

G.R.I. over {NS}
In the beginning of both rounds we played bad and had a few problems. but after all, we changed or tactic and were able to win the second round very high.

|SoD| over n0 reActi0n |
It was a very nice war gg and Thx

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