Match Results

Sun, January 15, 2006

North American Division
Title Match:
[GsT] vs -=ICE=-
bg_newengland bgl
[GsT] over -=ICE=- (3430 - 2660)
Title Shot:
+]3D[+ OMG vs =KMA=
bg_newengland bgl
+]3D[+ OMG over =KMA= (1940 - 1800)
[Co2] vs ]:RR:[ [K]
bg_newengland bgl
]:RR:[ [K] over [Co2] (4315 - 1425)

[GsT] over -=ICE=-
Well, this match started off very silly. Well, I had a total of 320 kills in both rounds combined.

You can see what happened from there.

+]3D[+ OMG over =KMA=
Man what a match, Kma came out rockin the first round and capped once, 3D settle back in the second with four caps to get the win in a exciting finish. Very fun game!!

]:RR:[ [K] over [Co2]
welcome to the bgl and gg Co2

European Division
Title Match:
[Independence] vs |sC|
bg_newengland bgl
[Independence] over |sC| (4150 - 1235)
Title Shot:
Be Blue ! vs G.R.I.
bg_newengland bgl
Be Blue ! over G.R.I. (3025 - 2305)
[ G.o.W ] vs |SoD|
bg_newengland bgl
[ G.o.W ] over |SoD| (3685 - 2085)
NWO vs n0 reActi0n |
bg_newengland bgl
NWO over n0 reActi0n | (11665 - 790)
La.Familia ' vs {NS}
bg_newengland bgl
La.Familia ' over {NS} (4430 - 1172)

[Independence] over |sC|

Be Blue ! over G.R.I.
GRI made a strong resistance, leading by 700 after the 1st round.

We had, again in ne_bgl, to catch up in the 2nd round and get the final victory.

Good and close game.

[ G.o.W ] over |SoD|
gg. finally some old gows played on this match.

good first round from you.

NWO over n0 reActi0n |
Well... owned? Nah, good game, was funny.

Remember... We love Domo and Cosi! =D

La.Familia ' over {NS}
Cartney just left during the 2nd round :/

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Blue Brigade

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