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Sun, March 12, 2006

European Division
Title Match:
[Independence] vs Be Blue !
bg_newengland bgl
[Independence] over Be Blue ! (3315 - 2125)
Title Shot:
La.Familia ' vs |SoD|
bg_newengland bgl
La.Familia ' over |SoD| (2775 - 2240)
NWO vs G.R.I.
bg_newengland bgl
G.R.I. over NWO (2440 - 2240)

[Independence] over Be Blue !
We decided to play 5on5 instead of 4on4, it was a very nice game with BB winning the first round by almost 1000 points - at this time we were a bit uncertain on how the match would end, but not to worry; Independence got over 2000 points more than BB in the second round :D
Good game, Be Blue!

La.Familia ' over |SoD|

Opponent was just fine, but I got really bored of Auroora.

1st round we dominated definetily, but then we played really badly in 2nd round. One reason is perhaps that auroora tkd so much guys and didn't play reallyl :/

G.R.I. over NWO
on saturday we played and won in bgcl against NWO- we had a good and fair game. but on sunday NWO started laming and flaming, so no gg and no thx :(

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