Match Results

Sun, September 17, 2006

North American Division
Title Match:
[GsT] vs -=ICE=-
[GsT] over -=ICE=- (1470 - 395)
Title Shot:
+]3D[+ OMG vs
+]3D[+ OMG over (1470 - 310)
[Co2] vs ^NJ^
[Co2] over ^NJ^ (FORFEIT)
{BotH} vs ]:RR:[ [K]
{BotH} over ]:RR:[ [K] (1430 - 375)

[GsT] over -=ICE=-
Well the anticpated rematch has come and gone. Only this time there was 1 difference, Han Le played for gst. Not emokid, sapphire, or other 1 armed idiots who dont know how to play

Had to drop another 81 kills it was kind of embaressing.

So anyway saratoga is a boring map, they capped 0 times and couldnt break our defense.

When it was our turn to attack, we capped several times and that has made all the difference.

However I give mad props to ice, who even though getting rocked stayed to the VERY END.

anyway good fight, goodnight. Han le (not gst) has once again established himself as the most dominant bg force.

+]3D[+ OMG over
Well Im glad that map has passed. gg R@ it was fun crunching around in the leaves. Thanx to all who played and now A NEW MAP!!! Cya on the Battlefields.

[Co2] over ^NJ^

Nj failed to bring any players

{BotH} over ]:RR:[ [K]
Saratoga turned out to be an enjoyable map. Sorry about your 5th player, RR, hope you guys still had some fun. gg.

European Division
Title Match:
nP vs x6
x6 over nP (FORFEIT)
Title Shot:
[ G.o.W ] vs G.R.I.
[ G.o.W ] over G.R.I. (1690 - 400)
DPW-|- vs *TEHO*
*TEHO* over DPW-|- (1040 - 405)
-[TRR]- vs ]:RR:[
-[TRR]- over ]:RR:[ (1600 - 440)
[Co2] ^Africa vs <FF>
[Co2] ^Africa over <FF> (1235 - 435)

x6 over nP
nP players were caught using a cheat and this match has been retroactively ruled a forfeit win for the opposing clan.

-BGL Admins

[ G.o.W ] over G.R.I.
So boring. Sorry about Auroora. I really dont understand why she always acts so childish. I think she has sand in her vagina.


*TEHO* over DPW-|-
I hope that this was the last time we play saratoga.

we played 3on3 because dpw didnt have players.

First+Second Rounds:
there was one close situation when dpw almost had full cap only 1-2sec, but they didnt. We made 3full caps and won the game.


-[TRR]- over ]:RR:[
Sorry you couldn't get any European players ]:RR:[

GG anyway

[Co2] ^Africa over <FF>
Spec-Ops continues to be my hero, acing the first round, preventing them from capping,blar blar.

btw, capping british fort prior to capping forward fortification= hip

I, Monoxide am very cute and currently dating Cman.

Capn tked me and messed up a couple times but i made him recite the american national anthem to remind him who he is representing and we pulled it together

Shifty is the model african american, he played minuteman, and that's all i have to say about that.

I think U-God played but i'm not sure, i wasn't really here..

anyway, Did you know that africa accounts for more than 12% of the world's human population?

Africa is home to the Nile River which extends 4,460 miles throughout egypt.

Swing low, sweet chariot
Coming for to carry me home

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