Match Results

Sun, January 14, 2007

North American Division
Title Match:
+]3D[+ OMG vs [Co2]
bg_newengland bgl
[Co2] over +]3D[+ OMG (3195 - 2320)
Title Shot:
=KnX= vs -_^DBC^_-
bg_newengland bgl
=KnX= over -_^DBC^_- (FORFEIT)
+]3D[+ WTF vs
bg_newengland bgl
over +]3D[+ WTF (4110 - 1600)
]:RR:[ [K] vs u!
bg_newengland bgl
u! over ]:RR:[ [K] (5575 - 2150)

[Co2] over +]3D[+ OMG
monoxide spec-ops infamous cman pope hannibal


twiztid crazymaniac jaydee weeble crusers

seriously, it was a good match, but we TORE IT UP YEAAAH

infamous and me played incredibly bad

pope top fragged

spec is my hero, i mean it

cman wrote a paper today

happy martin luther king day! god bless

digital love

=KnX= over -_^DBC^_-
-_^DBC^_- forfeits and requests to be removed from the league.

-BGL Admins

over +]3D[+ WTF
blueberry,darkslayer,juan,honor is all,wicked angel

Death,Doboy,Area51,bob,moo pie

fun lets do it again?


u! over ]:RR:[ [K]

we are looking for:

Amazingly talented player, be able to play sundays.

#BattleGrounds @ Q-net pmme cj

European Division
Title Match:
[Co2] ^Africa vs [ G.o.W ]
bg_newengland bgl
[ G.o.W ] over [Co2] ^Africa (2680 - 2215)
Title Shot:
Be Blue ! vs DPW-|-
bg_newengland bgl
Be Blue ! over DPW-|- (2055 - 1015)
G.R.I. vs <FF>
bg_newengland bgl
G.R.I. over <FF> (3660 - 1535)

[ G.o.W ] over [Co2] ^Africa
i'm too lazy to write a long review of match, but well..
auroora had connection problems in first round so we played 3on4 like 15 minutes.. then we played 2nd round in american server and we had like 200 ping..

gg anyway

Be Blue ! over DPW-|-
We couln't play new_england_bgl and agreed in playing bridge instead.

BB lineup: Helcaraxe, Bavvo, Retart and bear
DPW lineup: fluff, Pulu, BlueBerry/Grunge, Battlemaster

We managed to get some fullcaps, but it was hard.

Good game.

G.R.I. over <FF>
we started as americans, were soon able to take the lead and held it for most of the first round. the second one started a bit crappy, we took a few time to make our fullcaps.
at least FF fought very well and it was a really nice war. thx and gg!

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Blue Brigade

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