Match Results

Sun, August 19, 2007

European Division
Title Match:
[ G.o.W ] vs +]3D[+
[ G.o.W ] over +]3D[+ (5030 - 2730)
Title Shot:
x6 vs [S.S.]
x6 over [S.S.] (6600 - 1500)
GoD vs [Co2] ^Africa
[Co2] ^Africa over GoD (4050 - 3900)
r@ vs G.R.I.
r@ over G.R.I. (5400 - 3510)

[ G.o.W ] over +]3D[+
A brief info about match:

This was really pathetic performance of our team. Everything went badly. I don't remember playing this bad since like 2 years :o
Anyway we won match, but if we had played against some average team like co2 or god, I think that we'd lost with like 2-3k... (ehm and x6 would've raped us xD)
Mhm.. If I had to put the worst matches as gow into order, it'd like this:

1. Altes eisen match
2. Match against gri in ruin
3. this...

Anyway gg.

P.S 3d's server was really laggy oO

x6 over [S.S.]
Well, I only played first round, so I have nothing to say about that - judging by the score I'd guess it went just about as well as the first.
In the first we just ran around, pwning it up a bit - Kez was trying to use crouching (which is quite a suprise considering that she was trying to take away crouching not long ago), but obviously she failed quite miserably which lead to much laughter in x6.
Retart kept his pimphand strong, smacking his way to a topfrag with 58 kills - he is a bad hacker IMO, so obvious.

This is your host, Dallan the Superb And Modest, signing off.

[Co2] ^Africa over GoD
DT monoxide pope and zomg


zortan katana hellrider(sucks) and genesis

this match was incredibly close--
i capped the cottage at literally the last second of the match, full capped and won the match by 150 points.

Bruk, we love you do not destroy us!

I hate EU BGL, bring back NA BGL

r@ over G.R.I.
first round on there server was tough we had trouble getting used too the delay at first but managed too hang in there and hold them

second round on the other server had a weird lag and would pause but was quite fun for us.

bear top fragged both rounds

masko danced around with a lag

hugin kept jump killing me

over all great game


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