Match Results

Sun, August 26, 2007

European Division
Title Match:
[ G.o.W ] vs x6
x6 over [ G.o.W ] (4430 - 2650)
Title Shot:
[Co2] ^Africa vs r@
r@ over [Co2] ^Africa (4470 - 4180)
GoD vs *TEHO*
*TEHO* over GoD (5450 - 2780)
+]3D[+ vs G.R.I.
+]3D[+ over G.R.I. (4170 - 3220)

x6 over [ G.o.W ]
We dedicate this match to CJ's grandmother who is now watching down upon CJ from heaven, that's probably why he played so good today - his personal guardian angel was right there with him.Now, a report - first round we were quite excited, we were fighting somebody that actually MIGHT stand a chance.We were quite disappointed.First of all, they pb:ed us aaaall the time - quite tiresome, but nothing can stand against the invincible x6 (as they soon noticed).Tony lagged out alot in the second round which was a big problem for G.o.W, but that's how the Gods handle pointblanking - disconnect one of the opponents :DTony's lag also made it impossible for Retart to hit him. Karma.CJ also asked me to add this to the write-up:

r@ over [Co2] ^Africa
toughest match ever...GG

*TEHO* over GoD
Both teams fought really well, fun war all in all. Feel a bit sry for GoD though, they had lots of problems with the door to the cottage as brits and got stuck

report by: Bavvo

teho lineup : Bavvo, Sigge, Laitsu, GoliatH

gg god

+]3D[+ over G.R.I.
The first round played on 3D server we started off great with a few caps to win the first round. Second round played on their server, 3d started off bad with GRI capping in the first few minutes. However, we managed to cap back thus the war had begun. GRI had a good comeback to win the second round but not enough to win the match. Great game and as always c ya on the battlefield.

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Blue Brigade

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