Match Results

Sun, September 9, 2007

European Division
Title Match:
x6 vs *TEHO*
bg_newengland bgl
x6 over *TEHO* (4060 - 1245)
Title Shot:
[ G.o.W ] vs G.R.I.
bg_newengland bgl
[ G.o.W ] over G.R.I. (3327 - 1749)
GoD vs r@
bg_newengland bgl
r@ over GoD (4620 - 1900)
+]3D[+ vs [S.S.]
bg_newengland bgl
+]3D[+ over [S.S.] (4315 - 1555)

x6 over *TEHO*
1st round was quite the tease, we were just about to fullcap and everytime TEHO would break it while the last seconds counted down - yet we managed to get a few fullcaps and that's quite hard on the american side (oh, forgot to mention that).
Since we were in the lead when we started as british (the easy side) we took it easy, didn't pressure ourselves - just played it cool, played our usual tactics and it payed off.
Oops, my e-Tourettes struck again.

Until next time with much love,
- Dallan

[ G.o.W ] over G.R.I.

r@ over GoD
we played both rounds on na time i hope you can get a server...we won first round as brits easily...2nd round they lost 4th so we played 3v3...they wont by 50 points or so....good game GoD.

+]3D[+ over [S.S.]
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